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$10,000 is here!!!!

By CryptoOwen | crypto owen | 9 Feb 2020

We've waited months, years, I don't know. But the moment has finally arrived. 2020 had been off to a great start for Bitcoin and now it seems things are about to get even better. This time $10,000 was the floodgates. We could easily be seeing some real movement soon, who knows?




I have a feeling now we'll see some major altcoin movement. What bags do you think will pop off next? What have your most profitable hodls been lately? I've made a few bucks off DOGE, XTZ, LINK, & BTC of course. February has been a hot month for crypto, what will the rest of the year have in store? The news will inevitably blast that Bitcoin finally made it back over $10,000 so I imagine we'll see new users getting interested in investing in the coming days. Check the newspapers on Monday, I'm sure we'll see a blurb or two about this crazy new technology....well hey not everyone understands it but everyone understands money right?

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crypto owen
crypto owen

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