Crypto observations? What's that all about?

If you’re looking for quirky and actionable crypto-related observations and tips you may well enjoy Crypto Observations.

I’m an accidental “crypto obsessive” who saw the synergy between writing, crypto and the general state of the world.

Many people are entering the “cryptoverse” often alienated by their new interest. Perhaps your friends and family consider your interest in crypto as being nerdy, boring, over-technical and not mainstream enough to share thoughts on?

Quietly, many of us are educating ourselves, stacking and investing both mentally and financially in what I like to call the new gold rush.

Aside from the ‘crickets’ from established support networks there are also many voices competing to ‘educate’ us by enthusing, under-analyzing and generally confusing us as to what this new and exciting space is about.

Just having somewhere to go where you can find actionable tips, relatable musings and generally sensible and layman-written content from someone actually taking their own advice and not ‘pumping’ their latest acquired crypto led me to starting this blog.

I mentioned earlier about being an ‘accidental’ crypto-addict, I am, here is my pet blog (day job) slowly being moved onto this platform View Here

Many people are also, and quite rightly, looking for a hedge against the current financial situation we find ourselves in. I was that guy too, making a nice living as a blogger but concerned about relying fully on fiat currency to fund my life. So I 'mix it up a bit' now!

If this sounds like you then we’re likely on the same wavelength and the kind of person whose life I am looking to add value to in terms of content, support and the kind of crypto-related topics coming down the line on this blog.

I’m interested in a wide and eclectic range of relatable topics that I believe add value both emotionally and financially to the brave new world followers of this new monetary system. Our tribe are the people that care about themselves and their families enough to take the time to both acknowledge the new ‘gold rush’ and grab themselves a pick and shovel.

I applaud you and feel you, hence Crypto Observations.


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Crypto Observations
Crypto Observations

Operated by a 'crypto-blogger' in the pet industry, CRYPTO OBSERVATIONS offers insights into collecting free crypto, profitable crypto blogging and personal observations on a wide range of crypto-related issues from a guy that does it day in day out and loves to help others on their journey. Welcome to CRYPTO OBSERVATIONS!

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