Nvidia hash rates limiting

Nvidia limiting hash rate of it's GPUs by 50%. Miners in trouble!

By dexigneer | Crypto Newz | 1 May 2021

After accidentally unlocking it's own hash rate limiter in the driver update, Nvidia announced that it will lock new cards again by reducing production capacity by 50%!

Nvidia released new driver GeForce 466.27 on 29th of April. This new driver is limiting crypto mining on RTX 3060.

Nvidia says that their graphics cards are for gamers and gamers want another graphics cards.

According to VideoCardz, limits are expected to be set on most of RTX 30 series cards. Although some models, such as the RTX 3090 may not include this limit due to it's higher price of $1,500.

Nvidia Hash Rates Limiting

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