Whales and Crypto Ecosystem

By hgjk | Crypto News from Akbar | 12 Jul 2020

Whales and Crypto Ecosystem


Whales refer to giant investors, which are actually a metaphor in the crypto markets. This term represents a person or group capable of speculating the market using large crypto assets. Just like the waves of an ocean, the whales' fluctuation activities in the crypto market are quite high. The whales make various moves to manage the market by keeping the crypto money they transfer to the exchanges secret. Since any fluctuations in the market are not strong enough to change the direction of the whales, the whales increase their profitability by directing these waves. An Order Book can be checked to look for an unusual size position to monitor the movement of any whale. However, since most of their identities and strategies are confidential, it is quite difficult to understand for what purpose they are acting. However, by looking at these transfers, many investors have created their own trading strategy. In other words, there are many investors who follow only big transfers and take direction accordingly.

 Bitcoin Whale Transaction 



In the crypto money ecosystem, there are many players other than whales. In this ecosystem based on ocean description, there are many terms such as sharks, dolphins, small fish, waves. Besides the Whales, who are the owners of major Bitcoin and Altcoin, players with a frenzy of making a profit are called sharks. Those who have smaller cryptocurrencies compared to whales are called dolphins, and those who have small cryptocurrencies are called fish. When classified according to the amount of BTC they have, the players in the crypto ecosystem can be named in detail in this way:

Humpback Whale (Humpback Whale): 5000 BTC and above

Whale (Whale): 1000-5000 BTC

Shark (Bridge Fish): 500-1000 BTC

Dolphin (Dolphin): 100-500 BTC

Fish: 50-100 BTC

Octopus (Octopus): 10-50 BTC

Crab (Crab): 1-10 BTC

Shrimp: Less than 1 BTC

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Crypto News from Akbar
Crypto News from Akbar

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