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Hello my HODLERS!


If you are looking for apps that let you earn easy crypto -  consider downloading and signing up to DOOR+! But, first: what is DOOR?



DOOR rewards consumers every time they opt-in to request a home service professional via DOOR. Whether you need an electrician, plumber or real estate agent - DOOR pays you. If you are a consumer or a business, sign up today and experience a new way to connect. The DOOR Ad Network provides consumers the ability to opt-in to receive information about a service or product. On the other side, businesses can license the consumers data using DOOR Coin. The consumer is paid for their data. It's a win-win. 

DOOR is the native utility token that is used for:

  • Rewards given to consumers who register their information and property
  • Businesses pay to access opt-in consumer data to sell products and services
  • Consumers connect with businesses when they need a product or service.
  • Enables a fair market value for consumer data and leads based on supply and demand.

DOOR tools include:

  • DOOR Wallet to provide easy licensing of real-time opt-in leads over the network.
  • DOOR Lead Exchange where consumers register and receive rewards each time their data is accessed by a business.
  • DOOR Lead Exchange where businesses can easily access opt-in consumer leads and provide information about their products and services.
  • Full Integration with Metamask Wallet
What Makes DOOR Unique?

DOOR brings value to both the consumer and the advertiser. On one side people want to control and potentially profit off their data. For years, centralized corporations have been selling our data for massive profits. With DOOR the transition of power can be put back into the consumer’s hands.

The other side is the Advertiser. Every day online ads become more and more expensive because they are controlled by a handful of the same centralized monopolies (Google, Facebook, etc). Advertisers would love to cut out the middle-man and connect directly with the consumer (especially when the consumer is opted-in and looking for their product or service).

It truly is a win-win. Consumers get paid to connect with products and services they want to buy - and the Advertiser can directly connect with potential customers at a competitive price.




The DOOR+ app enables you to interract directly with advertisers and earn DOOR token rewards instantly. The token reward account is updated hourly and the rewards are deposited daily into your account. At the moment, reward rates are pretty high and let you earn some easy crypto in no time.

The tokens you eran you can sell on several exchanges, you may want to hold and let the value of the token increase, or, better, stake them directly in the app with attractive reward rates.



If you would like to try out and start to earn feel free to use my referral code https://doorcoin.com/app/v1/register.cfm?refercode=18154klt16o


Thanks for reading and stay cool!




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