Amplforth and Why it could make you a millionare

Amplforth and Why it could make you a millionare

By Harshith6612 | Crypto Nerds | 10 Nov 2021

Hello Everyone It's been a long time since I last posted. I did take a break due to exams which are from December 1st to 11th just got some spare time maybe this will be the last post for a month or 2. but I'm really excited to share my plan to become a crypto millionaire for free and 100% passively and risk-free within 3 years and how you could do it too. 

If you are reading this blog I'm sure you know about Ampleforth and if you don't all it is a rebase stable coin that tends to go to its target price by reducing or increasing in supply.

Enough of the BS let's jump straight into how AMPL could make you a millionaire. In short, I am using arbitrage to make a consistent profit you could ask me how is this possible when I buy Ampl when at a discount the amount of Ampl in my wallet reduces so here is where the money lies remember exchanges mainly kucoin it is the 3rd largest crypto exchange in the world and it handles the Ampl rebase risk giving us the normal people the opportunity to become rich. So here is the plan. 

Step-1: Invest or Earn

This is the step I currently am in and I suspect most of you to be too All it takes Is a one-time investment of 40 dollars to set up an Ampleforth kucoin bot. Some of you will more than have the required funds and for those of you who don't simply buy it or earn it through various sites like publish0x once you have the funds arranged now move on to step number-2

STEP-2: Create a kucoin bot

In this step, all you need to do is create a kucoin grid bot with the following parameters I am using Ampl because it mostly trades sideways, and Gridbot's work best in sideways market's


If the price of AMPL is above 1.2 put an entry price of 1.05 to make sure you get in at the right price once done all you need to do is wait patiently which brings us to. 


This process is completely passive but you need to really be patient over here. Let's say our bot makes 1% per day Which is realistic assuming Ampl's price volatility of Ampl you make around 1511 dollars in the first year $57090 in the second and 2.1 million in the 3rd which is crazy considering that you started with an initial investment of $40 it is only possible due to the relatively high market cap of Ampl. Let's say the bot underperforms and makes 1% a week not bad at all you are a millionaire in 20 years still not bad if you are still young. You could also speed things up by investing more or adding regularly.

And finally, that's all for this article remember that sharing this thing is beneficial for Ampl but not for me as these extra bots reduce Ampl's price volatility. Reducing my returns I am still in the accumulation phase-only getting to 1.23 Ampl of the targeted 40 so each tip counts Thanks bye.




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