Why I think less is more when it comes to crypto "research"

When I first got into crypto I was digesting all the information I could get on the industry and tokens for many hours a day, subscribing to newsletters and youtube channels and anything else I could find. It was fascinating and probably a good idea for exploring a total new area which you want to invest in, yet, I didn't find it helped my investment results for the most part,  even though I had more knowledge. It was leading me to be short term focused, which unless you are a trader, which I'm not, it can actually be detrimental for the mind, emotions and pocketbook. 

I discovered, at least in my case, knowledge was the booby prize, and only with experience does it distill to wisdom. Not only was all the "research" not very good, but it tended to be part echo chambers, amplifying the move that was already occurring-giving "facts" justifying current reality and why their view was right vs actual contrarian thinking which can consider other viewpoints (as one scholar said "being able to hold other viewpoints is worth 100 IQ points"). So, step back and watch the consensus and perhaps look for the non-consensus views, especially if that view has varied over time (ie beware of the permabulls and permabears whose views are "stuck"-eg goldbugs). It's an art to have a mind with a vision yet be able to course correct depending on current conditions to meet those long-term goals. 

This experience reminded me of falling in love in high school, where that girl was the most important thing in the world and the focus of my attention (ahh the power of the immature mind combined with raging hormones). Yet a mind or life out of balance is not sustainable or a recipe for happiness.  I found bring back other aspects of my life, my buddhist meditation practice, my joy of walking in the woods as examples, supported my putting the crypto market in perspective. I no longer really cared how much it moved up or down in the short-run and I focused on the strategy that was right for me, and it lead to a sense of peace. I rarely get swept up in the current news, though I still track a few sources that are more broad in scale, and I'll share those below. 

And congratulations, if you survived the last 12 months without giving up or losing all your money, then you have been tempered by this market, strengthened,  hopefully leading you to great wisdom which will eventually lead you to your goal. Below is my current list I read or listen to...a few daily but some of the information is more big picture so I listen to it when inspired. All will have links at the bottom of the letter. 

Daily inbox updates:

-The Morning Hark: written by a European so it includes a different view and gives a quick world market overview. !st in my box 

-The Daily Upside: Interesting, clever and thought provoking in a fun format

-Messari: a daily indepth newsletter by Ryan Selkis outline some very thoughtful research on crypto 

-Arane Research: another well thought out macro view on crypto and the markets 

Youtube updates:

-Real Vision: which uses an interview format and includes a macro focus and some interesting long-term investors and contrarian views

-Coin Bureau: Guy tends to go deeper into the daily events of note and tokens, and does a good job of presenting both sides, including tokenomics

-Tascha Labs: Looks at industry trends in crypto and a little more cutting edge tokens at times. Offers contrarian views on some issues 

-42 Macro: which as the name suggests, looks at the big picture and brings them down to many markets. His quick morning update is interesting

-Greg Dickerson: for a nice overview of an "old timer" and includes his view of real estate from time to time 


I hope you found this helpful and remember to balance out your screen time....take that walk outside every day with no phone :) 

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Let us spread the wealth
Let us spread the wealth

Let us see what this grows into!

The nature of investing and life
The nature of investing and life

My posts will range from overall broader viewpoints on crypto and life and even Buddhism, something I practice every day. My hope is that you benefit is some way from my sharing, but more important I'm doing this because I enjoy it. Find your joy and support others in exploring theirs! As always, buyer beware, do your homework, only invest in the beginning what you can afford to lose, and let time be on your side. May the crypto be with you ;)

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