Here's How To Mine... Easily

By KeenanRIVALS | Crypto-Nation | 12 Sep 2019

I've been looking into the idea of "passive income" for quite some time. I've picked up coins like $KCS (KuCoin Shares) and even messed around with some lower end ALT coins that provided some dividends. This was all fun, but it just wasn't enough for me. I didn't have enough shares of $KCS to provide any real income and the value of the lower-cap ALT coins just wasn't worth my time, as many of the projects were vaporware.

I eventually gave up on the get rich quick scheme and looked for real solutions. I wanted to mine real coins, projects that I believed in, but many of them required high-end hardware, an expensive electric bill and a huge learning curve... It all seemed like so much, not only a huge investment in money but also in time.


This led me to look for other solutions and that's when I found the CoinMine One. This little machine is special. You simply plug in the box and you can start passively earning some of your favorite cryptocurrencies. There's no learning curve, you don't have to build a highend PC and more importantly, it doesn't suck up all your electricity... You simply plug & play.

As of this writing, the CoinMine One supports multiple currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Grin, Zcash, and Monero. It's also planning to support Cosms and potentially Tezos. 


This is how one should accumulate cryptocurrencies, yes, trading is fun, buying low and selling high and buying back low is fun, but in the grand scheme of things you don't want to miss that rocketship... That's what I'm using my CoinMine One for. It's my safe haven, my hedge as some may say and it allows me to mine some of the newest cryptocurrencies on the market.

When this product first launched it was $799 and it sold out rather quickly! Over the last year, they have been able to get this product down to $699, which is a solid deal when you consider the tech that goes into this. However, I have a special discount for everyone here on Publish0x that will bring the price down to $649. Simply click the link, take advantage of the special discount and you can start minting some of your favorite currencies. If you grab one, let me know in the comments, would love to follow up with you and get a testimonial for a future blog post.351665157-4bafc2ff1159b2707449a6f27d9c9c66ab9d3a9c16a58587f6fd85fe638e888f.jpeg


For those of you who aren't able to grab this device at the moment I'm still interested in your thoughts, what do you think of the Coinmine One? Is this the best solution you've found for mining cryptocurrencies? Let me know!





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