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NFT crazy world



A metaverse yacht sold for $ 650,000!!??

Can you believe it?

I can't afford even a dinghy in real life ..
The most expensive NFT sold in the metaverse of The Sandbox.

Ok, this super luxury NFT yacht comes complete with a DJ booth, helicopter landing pad and hot tub etc, but $ 650K it seems crazy to me. don't you?

But, by the way...earlier this month, someone spent nearly $ 2.5 million on a digital piece of land on Decentraland, another metaverse. So what are we talking about...

However this is the amount that the new owner of the Metaflower Super Mega Yacht recently paid for the opportunity to own this luxurious NFT designed for

The Sandbox, for those who still don't know

"a virtual world in which players can build, own and monetize their gaming experiences"

The virtual ship was designed by Republic Realm, a metaverse and NFT innovation and investment platform, as part of its Fantasy Collection. According to Business Insider, it's the most expensive non-fungible token ever sold in The Sandbox.




once again the only certainty is that rich people can afford what they want in both real and virtual life...

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