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What Are The Best Marijuana Crypto?

Marijuana  is becoming more widely legalized in the United States,

and not only in those country.

However, due to the absence of regulation in this industry, banks have been hesitant to offer their services to businesses in this field.

This is why they have found cryptocurrencies to be a viable option, with some virtual currencies designed expressly for marijuana transactions.

Here are The Top 4 Cannabis Crypto



PotCoin (POT)

It was the first virtual currency in the marijuana sector,

having been launched in 2014.
It was founded with the goal of resolving the financial issues faced by anyone wishing to transact legal marijuana. 




CannabisCoin (CANN)

Was launched a few months after PotCoin with the goal of making transactions between medicinal marijuana businesses easier.




HempCoin (THC)

It was also launched in 2014, but it is not oriented at those looking to buy marijuana.

This crypto focuses on Cannabis farmers and its website states that this coin can be used "to facilitate transactions between Marijuana growers and retail stores"




DopeCoin (DOPE)

Is a cryptocurrency that was launched in 2014.

Little is known about the industries that this currency serves.

All that is known is that its goal is to "give Marijuana fans with a contemporary and safe means to do business in the twenty-first century,"

as stated on its website.



Cannabis is expanding, and virtual currencies are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial and financial spheres.

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