In the Red

Investors feel the fear it's organic/
It's hard not to panic/While investments go down like titanic/Rumors of wars over seas/Is that causing our profits to slowly freeze/Red lines and red candlesticks/
It's like the sum of scary flicks/
Like the sum of all fears/
Where is the green all I see is killer whales and hungry bears/
Manipulators want to game us/
Diseases wants infect and inflame us/
But we  continue to watch the crypto and stock trends/
With Divine help we keep the light burning and encourage our friends/
Even though Investors feel the fear/while their portfolios shed a tear/
They know Hope is near

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I like biology, engineering and poetry and the Bible.

Crypto Musings Nov 8
Crypto Musings Nov 8

Random musings, not financial advice.

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