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Where Can I Get Banano (BAN)?

So, my previous article from yesterday triggered some chatter, particularly from a number of folks interested in getting into Banano (BAN). Until just recently, Banano has been a bit of a challenge for the uninitiated to get their hands on it. Honestly, I myself didn't really pay attention to Banano until I got exposed to it by accident in a Discord server that gave out free crypto dust (TipCC). That then led to the Banano server, and it was a downhill slide into potassium energy from there.

Banano finally got listed on CoinEx as a quick exchange way to get into the potassium-related crypto, and there has been pressure for a few other big players like Binance US to pay attention. However, that one has only gone so far as to list WAXP (which I'm quite happy about), not Banano. So, for the rest of folks, the typical areas to buy Banano fast are swaps or similar (Uniswap, Pancake, Cake etc.). However, there's not really a need for that when one can earn Banano for free.

Wallet Needed

Image of ban coin in Metamask.

You're going to need a Banano specific wallet to get started. Metamask doesn't work as a default. Kalium has been a recommended winner, but there are other options. The nice thing about Kalium is that works both as a mobile app and website wallet. Both are technically hot wallet formats. Other choices include:

  • Metamask. sort of. (While doing some research for this article, I just confirmed BAN can be stored in Metamask via the Binance Smart Chain network, there's a link to it looking at the Market section on BAN in CoinMarketCap's website. However, you can't send BAN to it; the BSC/ETH address format doesn't work for transmitting BAN into Metamask. So it's only there via Metamask swaps. WTH. Maybe someone can comment some more details on this for me).
  • BananoVault
  • CoinEX (note this is an exchange, not a wallet per se)
  • KuCoin (another exchange)


Probably the easiest way to get into Banano would be faucets. They're all over the place and easy to use. Just have a Banano wallet or one that takes the coin, and punch in your receipt address to the faucet. Soon enough, you get a bit of Banano. Do that enough times, and it adds up. You won't be a millionaire over night, but you will add some coin to your wallet with a few seconds of clicking. I've put a list of sites to make it easier. All you need to do is open up your browser and go through them once a day. Should take about one minute to complete cutting and pasting your Banano address into each one. Some have CAPTCHAs you have to deal with to prevent bots, but that's fairly easy to click through:

Now, not all of these are perfect for perpetuity. It's been my experience faucets come and go. So, don't be surprised if some are down, changed or come back again. Just try them and figure out what works for you.

More Than Faucets

Additionally, there are some other ways to get BAN on sites, but they require you to have some things in place first. MonkeySlots is a great way to earn 15-20 BAN every 2 days, or more depending on timing, it is a faucet, and it updates daily. However, you need to have CryptoMonkey NFTs in a Wax Wallet to be eligible. The more CryptoMonkeys you have, the more BAN you can spin for on the slot each day. To do that, your Wax account needs to be registered with CryptoMonkeys Connect first. Otherwise you'll get nothing.

Another faucet/source for BAN is JungleTV. This website basically streams 24/7 videos submitted by viewers and participants. The participants pay BAN for their video to be played, and those funds are then distributed to the viewers. You can make anywhere from 10 to 100 BAN a day on this (but most days are usually around 10 at most). Sometimes even bigger drops come in for something special like the 19th of the month, or Banano's anniversary. You will need a dedicated wallet address to make JTV work for you as it becomes your identifier on the site.

Getting Social

The two big social media arenas for BAN are Discord and Reddit.

Reddit Banano is a typical bulletin board forum, with a lot of feedback and posting activity. They typically have a monthly drop of BAN. Just post your address and you'll get at least 1 BAN as a newbie. Some get a lot more if their Reddit Karma is high. That said, it's more of a place of notices and how to get BAN information than a daily BAN source.

Discord has BAN in a number of locations. First off, there is the BANANO server. Get involved there, and you're sure to find yourself being blessed with Banano tips from other users within time. You'll have to figure out the specific Discord wallet bot used by the the Banano, server, but from their you can then transfer the BAN to your wallet or tip it to others. Alternatively, there is the CryptoMonkeys server. BAN is regularly given in random airdrops, giveaways and tips there as well. Much of the opportunity is, again, being involved and interacting with folks. Soon enough, you'll have a boatload of new digital friends and a couple hundred Banano in your pocket. You might even see my in their creating some innocent mayhem. I swear, I am innocent!

There is also the Discord TipCC server. This one is a bit of a gutter crawl in the drops and begging channel, but if you're fine with regularly collecting "dust" or crypto giveaways, you'll fine some BAN in here every other day as well, and its free. You will need to join the server as well as get an understanding of the tipCC wallet in Discord, but it's pretty easy to figure out. Just get it started in your account DM, and type $help. The rest explains itself. But if, that still doesn't work, you can find info on tipCC here.

Doing Social Good

Finally, there is Folding Banano. This is probably the closest anyone will get to mining Banano coin. It involves lending your computer through the Internet into a crowdsourcing project that folds proteins for medical research. You sign up, connect your computer, join a specified Banano group, and you get paid Banano for completed folding projects. They have made some upgrades recently requiring stronger computers, so slow, old units that a lot of people used are now becoming useless for mindless BAN gains. That said, if you can get it to work, it can be an added stream to your incoming crypto. I personally couldn't get it to work, but I didn't have much time to spend on it with a linux machine. And I know a lot of folks who've had steady luck with Folding. Plus, your work goes to help out needed medical research like solving Alzheimer's Disease and similar.

The above should give you a solid start in BAN. Comment and let me know how it goes! Get yo potassium, bruh!

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