Dark Frontiers Metaverse: Pc & Vr P2E. Upcoming Gem

By web3spectr3 | The web3spectr3 | 3 Feb 2022

Dark frontiers, a play to earn metaverse experience like no other. A full on virtual reality experience, or for those who like to game on pc that is also an option. I feel Dark is bringing a AAA aspect of metaverse & gaming. Their are lots of P2E games out but little to none, give you the ability to immerse yourself within the full metaverse through Virtual reality. Play to earn and high quality gaming for heavy gamers should be hand & hand. With Dark Frontiers leading The way, Blockchain gaming can only get better from here. "Financial Freedom Synonymous to Gaming" WE ARE EARLY

Here is a trailer by Dark Frontiers

Gameplay & Action

First Dark frontiers NFT
Owning a spacesuit will let you get straight on the action! Each suit will keep you alive for a limited amount of time, later - just recharge it! 

There are 3 tiers of spacesuits. 

BETA Suit 3 hours of oxygen / playtime. Gamma SUIT Unlimited playtime. Alpha Suit 2 hours of oxygen / playtime.


LAND Staking

own land mine energy

$DARK (BEP-20) token will be used to forge ‘Terra Firma’ (BEP-721) NFTs. In order to obtain your own land, you must commit 1,000 $DARK tokens which will be locked inside the smart contract for 2 months.   Own Only owned land can be used to build stations or other improvements which will increase the rewards. Stake Owning land generates you "DARK" energy, which you can use in-game or trade. Trade Owned land can be traded with other players as an NFT item inside or outside the game.   Play To Earn (P2E)  ac883e00b2c9cd1f4083784296d08d40658c99ea9473454d45a7f06866b18b1f.png  

Technology Hybrid Bioship Merging

Play with limited-edition hybrid technology spaceships! Make new, more powerful spaceships by merging two NFTs. Each merge will burn the former NFTs and will create new forms and features of your ship.

T1-Merge basic version of the spaceship 2x T1 and get T2

T2-Merge 2x T2 and get T3, ship will be merged with 10% performance variations

T3+-Merging T2 spaceships will generate you 20% potential performance variations.



Craft-Organic technology genome. Combine, create, mix, invest in new materials and build new items.

Trade- Trade your assets in-game as well as in Gamestarter's marketplace.

Discover-Quest based or free world discovery - you choose your path!



Dao maker - Game starter - HG advisory - Mintable.app - Hello capital - Basics capital - Double Peak - Dweb3 Capital















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