Stay At Home Without Having to Feel Heroic

Stay At Home Without Having to Feel Heroic

By Vi | Pojok | 7 Apr 2020

A time of anxiety, worry, and uncertainty like now is a time when we need a piece of good news, more than ever.

I have one good news, maybe two. The father of my friend infected Corona from a neighbor who had just returned from vacation. My friend's father was 60 years old, lives alone in Switzerland. He has a high fever of up to 40 degrees Celcius. His throat was dry and itchy to the point of being unable to speak, coughing badly, feeling weak so he could not move, and could only lie in bed.

Sadly, the health system in his country did not allow him to be hospitalized, because it was not an emergency. For a week, he could only lie down while being taken care of by a neighbor who was already ill and recovered first. After a week, he got better. And, now he can move as usual.

Similar stories circulated on social media, not long ago. A 95-year-old grandmother recovered from COVID-19, a disease caused by the Coronavirus.

So, of course, the is still hope.

However, as has been rumored everywhere, of course, we must remain alert. Being alert does not mean buying up hundreds of masks, hand sanitizers, and instant noodles. Being alert is working, studying, and worshiping from home.

Many companies adhere to this advice, followed by various descriptions of working from home or WFH in social media. The heroism of WFH and stay at home even increased after the viral video form Italia mayors showed who was angry because there were still residents who did not want to stay at home.

Unfortunately, heroism at home is not always suitable to be applied in countries such as Indonesia, where mus the population would die of hunger before dying of COVID-19. So, working from home, studying from home, and worship at home must also be supported with incentives to stay at home.

Meanwhile, we can do is wash your hands more often and keep your distance from other people. Also, this is the most appropriate time to practice the privilege of staying at home or moving to volunteer from home, without having to feel heroic, without having to be fierce to those who still have to work outside the home.


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