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Mining profits are skyrocketing

How to Claim Free Bitcoins from Blockchain Rewards!

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How to Claim Free Bitcoins from Blockchain Rewards!

You can mine Ethereum and Raven coin and automatically exchange it to Bitcoins which has super low transaction fees using NiceHash! Many beginners who start mining use NiceHash because it has an automatically algorithm switching mechanism and has a built-in live Wallet. 

You can ALSO, stake your Bitcoins you mined on NiceHash on many wallets and exchange apps or swap websites like Celsius, Trust Wallet,, PanCakeSwap. My personal favorite out of all staking platforms is PancakeSwap by far.  It is extremely profitable on Pancakeswap and because I am mining with NiceHash and HiveOS, I have no worry about losing any money when the value of CAKE goes down, I will just be able to get MORE CAKE per day!! NiceHash and Pancakeswap is AWESOME for beginners, I highly recommend to start mining and stake all of your daily mining profits every day!


I also highly recommend using QuickMiner (from NiceHash) if you are using NVIDIA graphics cards. It is WAY more profitable on QuickMiner (only NVIDIA video cards) meanwhile AMD Radeon work best on HiveOS or simply using NiceHash Miner

If you do not have any graphics cards, I recommend you to buy ASIC miners on NewEgg (ASIC miners), it is the safest, most reliable way to profit, especially if you can get your hands on a Scrypt miner, but a SHA256 will get the job done. Buy the most expensive ASIC miner you can as possible, you want the least amount of ASIC miners while being the most expensive ASIC miner you can afford to spend to conserve a lot of electricity and maximize daily profitability.  

"How much can you make?", you ask. Well it depends how much you invest. Rule of thumb is to start small and learn about it before throwing a lot of money at it.


I will give you an estimate based on the profitability of November 2021 of Graphics Cards:

$100 = About 25 cents per day. 

$500 = About $1.50 dollars per day.

$1,000 = About $3.50 per day

$1,200 = $4.50 per day

$1,500 = $5.00 - $6.50 per day

$2,000 = $8 dollars per day

$2,600 = $10.50 per day


profitability of November 2021 of ASIC Miners (you need solar panels):

$500 = $2.00 dollars per day

$1,000 = $4.50 dollars per day

$5,000 = $24.00 dollars per day

$12,000 = $55.00 dollars per day

$50,000 = $434.00 dollars per day


Do you want to build a Low Wattage graphics cards mining rig?
Are you worried about Ethereum 2.0 PoS? 

Building a mining rig is a GREAT idea! Do not even worry. Mining profits are skyrocketing to the moon. NiceHash has been mining a year before Ethereum was created, and will be mining for decades to come after Ethereum mining shutdown. I highly recommend you to buy ASIC Miners or just do what I do and just wait for the day Ethereum is switched to only staking and stake all of my Ethereum from HiveOS into even more daily profits. Also, There will be the most profitable coin to mine after Ethereum that will be just as profitable or even more profitable.  If NiceHash was mining before Ethereum existed, and so many new alt coins like Raven for example will be mineable and very profitable, LONG after Ethereum shutdown. I am pretty sure there will be a new coin or recognized coin that will be pumped to extreme levels that mining it would be extremely profitable. 

Or if mining graphics cards is truly dead and not profitable in 2022-2023 then I will just build Gaming PC's out of them and sell them at good deals. But with new 7000 Radeon Graphics cards and new 40 Series Graphics cards releasing next year, while thousands of huge mining farms have thousands of graphics cards, I highly doubt NVIDIA would let graphics card mining die, they would just PUMP an alt coin to skyrocket making mining very profitable, and it is probably a good thing that Ethereum is shutting down so we can focus on alt coins or even top 100 coins, that haven't fully emerge to Ethereum market cap levels. Only time will tell. It is not too late to start mining, if you make less than $4,000 a month, please get into it right away, it will change your life and you might be thanking me. And please do not message or try to donate to me, I am an paid author who is only just trying to help and spread the word of crypto currency mining. If you can't mine due to electricity costs, or can't afford solar panels, miners, etc. Then I highly recommend using Pancakeswap, it has no minimum investment, withdrawal any amount any time, only $0.50 cent fee per withdrawal / deposit and has 400%+ APR coins stable coins which pays you every second and the very profitable cheap Auto CAKE has 75% APR!!

Good luck guys  I bless y'all. Making a new article on how to mine SHIBA INU with unMineable. It is a great important article to create because instead of mining Ethereum, I mined Monero and converted them automatically to SHIBA INU mining it for about a month since September. And what can I say, my daily profits TRIPLED. I LOVED Mining Shiba Inu, but now shiba is overpriced to mine and undervalued. Crazy right? 

Well get on it, start mining crypto and staking! We will see you on the Forbes Richest Real Time list someday ;)

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Crypto Mining on NiceHash
Crypto Mining on NiceHash

Everything about crypto mining on NiceHash. Bitcoin mining on NiceHash in 2021 is the process of creating new bitcoin by solving a computational puzzle from Ethereum blockchain.

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