Waste of time, resources and money on Cryptocurrency mining apps in Mobile phones.

Waste of time, resources and money on Cryptocurrency mining apps in Mobile phones.


Now, all the sudden explosion trend of the cryptocurrency mining apps used for games, stimulations, financial and cloud. It sure remind me of coconut oil. All the sudden they are in shop stores in last several years. Where were they back then? Superfood health fads exploded as well. Similar to Dot Bubbles back in late 90's. Majority of the Dot Bubbles are wasted investment. Only some survived through the Dot Bubbles. Its all about having a go and try your luck. You either get lucky, or waste your luck or don't invest at all.  

I have tested various of mining apps on 6 various mobile phones, some are outdated older models including one is new recent mobile phone very fast cpu/ram. I love tech stuff hence enjoyed testing in my spare time. To my surprise, some mining apps will cut you off in older mobile phones, outdated android versions after I mined for a while. I thought it will be great to have older phones to mine rather than sell my old mobile phones or in authorised mobile phones bins. Some cryptocurrency mining apps have so wonderful, fantastic seamless modernised UI that draws attention is an entrapment. Always read the negative feedbacks. they says a lot more how useless the mining apps were. Some  cases they were owed and ripped off after paid subscriptions.

Its not worth at all ever.  Don't ever invest your time to mine with the cryptocurrency mining including pooled mining apps.  Maybe Pi Network and Bee Network are exempted but then again even if its on a testnet. Waiting to reach up to a billion users in few years. I think its better to save money and when it become public on exchange then buy coins/tokens. Use less resources on your mobile phones, and more lifestyle is probably a wisest thing. Some mining apps will scam you or indirect scam you. Few mining apps will gets you few dollars for quarterly month. Some takes you a year to get few dollars. Some other apps gets you under a dollar for a year or so. Is it really that worth? No. 

The rest of the mining apps, even if you have paid subscriptions on some subscription mining apps. You wont get any profit at all ever or hardly hardly much profit. I am not the type of person to have referral sent out encourage them to join. I have very few circle of peers.  Might be okay if someone is a big influencer have a lot of followers that the followers will install and mine the cryptocurrency mining apps to gain more referral bonus but in my case nope. 

Nowadays, all the technology apps are designed to make the mobile phone users to glue up using more mobile phones, consuming energy, data, and then I think they (mining apps) don't really care whether the mobile phone users gets any profit or not. I think its more about P.I.I.  (personal Information) they want. Your personal information is more valued than them obtained your P.I.I.  Some mining apps will access other features such as sms, calls, camera etc. So be wary of the cryptocurrency mining apps. If you still love them.  Sure no problem. One guy from unnamed country in Africa. I understand his situation with no income and no jobs. To mine to get some cents to few dollars is more valued to him. In Australia with high electricity rate fees. Overall isn't worth for me. I'm thinking even if 3rd world countries so cheap electricity but then again with no income or very low income to gain up to few dollars still ended up maybe no profit at the end because will always end up paying for electricity bill, time, resources and glued on mobile phones to click every few hours-24 hours. If the mobile phones suddenly died unexpected.  Is it worth for them ? No, same thing a total waste.

My recommendation is pay for the real cryptocurrency coins/tokens in wallet.  Much safer than on exchanges. If you wish to do on exchanges. Do research and do your own risks.  Dont bother wasting money, time, and resources on cryptocurrency mining apps in mobile phones. 

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Converted to cryptocurrency. Hatreds to those oppressing us, our freedom of speech, their failure to acknowledged for their fucksup. Is it even decentralised at all when the developers can abused the account holders, restricting or temporarily ban them?

Crypto Mining on mobile phones
Crypto Mining on mobile phones

Learning, experiment and testing various type of Crypto-Mining on Mobile Phones. How good or bad the crypto mining app performs.

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