The first blockchain-based energy token from an energy supply company + Great Contest

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LCG Energy wants to change the reality of power and information asymmetries on both the energy markets and
between big electricity providers and end consumers. The company aims to become the rst electricity provider in the
world to adopt blockchain technology in order to resolve the issue with the information asymmetries between consumers
and electricity providers and bring full transparency to the industry.

The LCG Energy project creates an unique energy ecosystem. The fuel of the ecosystem, the LCG Token, will be usable for a
wide array of services such as to cover electricity needs as a payment method, to provide investment options and access to
energy related services and products in the ecosystem and many more.

By streamlining all of the consumption data through the Smart Meters developed by LCG Energy and with the help of smart
contracts, the information about the power consumption and the prices at which the energy has been acquired will be made
publicly available and will not be changeable by any entity.

- LCG Energy is a blockchain-enabled energy ecosystem, offering better prices for consumers  

- LCG Energy invests in real energy and renewable energy projects 

- LCG Energy has a capital protection and return of investment > 20% p.a.  


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LCG Energy features

Rising value of both the LCG token and the energy acquired on market

Experienced energy contractor and supplier

A self-sustainable ecosystem with energy providers and the community

Token and funds distribution

Token Sale information

Token Name: LCG
Token: 2,500,000,000 LCG
Accepting: BTC, ETH, USD, EUR
Distributed in ICO: 70%
Soft Cap: -
Hard Cap: 1,750,000,000 LCG




Join the LCG Energy community

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Linkedin

- Medium

- Reddit

- Telegram

- Youtube  

You can take part in their Contest


Reward pool 5000 EUR in LCG and 2500 EUR in BTC!
5th Random Winners
Win 75 EUR in BTC and 150 EUR in LCG Token!
1st place
Win 500 EUR in BTC and 1000 EUR in LCG Token!
2nd place
Win 300 EUR in BTC and 600 EUR in LCG Token!
3rd place
Win 150 EUR in BTC and 300 EUR in LCG Token!
4th to 8th place
Win 100 EUR in BTC and 200 EUR in LCG Token!
9th to 13th place
Win 75 EUR in BTC and 150 EUR in LCG Token!
14th to 18th place
Win 50 EUR in BTC and 100 EUR in LCG Token!
19th & 20th
Win 25 EUR in BTC and 50 EUR in LCG Token!

Join to the Contest

And do simple tasks

Good luck!  

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