🚀The final step to swap TerraCredit (CREDIT)

By Crypto_MD | Crypto _MD | 30 Nov 2021

If your transfer your assets from terrabit.io to terracredit.app - your should swap TerraCredit (CREDIT)

💥 You need a credit wallet address.
Either from Bitforex, Catex or Web Wallet. I'll advice you use a web wallet so click here terracredit.network to create a new web wallet.

💥After getting the wallet, click on sikix.io and sign in.
Sikix and Terrabit 2.0 are the same so you can login to Sikix.io with your Terrabit 2.0 details. DO NOT USE THE APP. Use the web version. Just click on sikix.io

💥 When you login, click on balance.

💥 Navigate to credit and click on transfer

💥 On the form, the receiver is always "Swappy"...with a capital S. In the amount section, input your available balance and in the message column, input your credit address.

The form has only three spaces to fill so it should look like this:

  • Receiver's account: Swappy
  • Amount: (Input your available balance)
  • Message: (Input your web wallet address)

Wait for up to 72hrs to receive your swapped credit in the wallet whose address you provided.

1. The transferring process from terrabit.io to sikix.io is still continue!

2. Swap closes on 12/12/21 and for the first time ever no late swaps will be considered, it's an already extended cold and hard deadline.

3. You control the conversation by initiating the dialogue with a real admin.

- Real admins in the https://t.me/sikixhq are: @chAiRkp0 @seun23 and @smot76 - they will never ask for money or secret info, they can solve your issue fast)

Best Regards!

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