The Best reading/blogging websites since all my time in crypto world! + Bonus

By Crypto_MD | Crypto _MD | 19 Jul 2020

Hi to all there!

Since for all time in cryptocurrency world I have taking part in thousands differents airdrops/bounties/giveaways/contests/faucets etc.
I want to represent 3 the best websites (on my mind) for earning cryptocurrecy without any investments with 100% payout!

At the end of spring 2019 I had registered on Publish0x website & for all time work I hadn't any problem with earning crypto and withdrawals there - Great project with great team!

On the April 6, 2020 I had registered on LBRY Credits & on the 2019-02-10 on the Uptrennd website - at this moment everithing is oK!

I have decided to write a comprehensive Guides about 3 above projects

Let's start!




Publish 0x! is a "crypto powered blogging platform", we are not the first but we will be the biggest, and we have a few unique quirks, but first, the most important question; How do you pronounce 0x? Well, actually the 0x is silent, we are Publish!

You can earn the next tokens (daily): DAIBATLRC


publish_earn crypto by reading.png

You don't need any crypto currency already to use our platform, infact, both the author and the reader earns on Publish 0x - yes you earn cryptocurrency while you read! So you can earn your first crypto with us.  How it works is that we give you the tip and you choose how much to allocate to the author and how much to keep! Just look for this sliding tipper at the bottom of every post after you have logged in :)

Max. 7 TIPs per a day!

Tips allocating:

- up to 100% to the author

- up to 80% to yourself


publish_earn crypto by bloging.png

Authors  earn crypto when readers tip them (tips are free for both readers and authors) via the tipper found at the bottom of the page.

While anyone can register, read and give tips to authors on Publish0x, currently the only way to become a publisher is to make an simple application to become an author, or to get a direct invite from our team. We approve only authors that we believe will create share-worthy posts that will bring true value to our readers.


publish_earn crypto ambassador.png

Become a Publish0x Ambassador  and earn crypto by sharing great articles to people who love to read them!

Benefits of Being a PaperDrips Ambassador:

Earn 5% of every tip claimed by the audience you bring in.

Upcoming leaderboards and competitions for most active ambassadors.

Access to (upcoming after beta) paid/bountied articles first.

Ambassadors can use their ambassador (referral) link and get rewarded for sharing great content form Publish0x by attaching their ambassadors to ANY of the articles on Publish0x.  When ambassadors share those articles on social media, on their blogs or other platforms, all users who sign up through that link become the ambassadors referrals.


Click on your username at the top right side of website -> click "Dashboard" -> click on tap "Payments"

Minimum withdrawal amounts (as of 19.07.2020):

DAI - 0.4902

BAT - 1.8320

LRC - 3.8875

Withdrawal requests first need to be approved by a member of our team, this process takes up to few days.
Your funds will then be sent on the first Monday after your withdrawal request has been approved.

After that you will receive email like - "Withdrawal request approved" then "Publish0x sent you [amount] BAT LRC or DAI"

How to set up wallet address:

Click on your username at the top right side of website -> click "Dashboard" -> click on tap "Settings" -> click on tap "Wallets"


- You can use 3 different wallets for each kind of token!


Register on the Publish0x

Don't forget to verify email address!


Feel Free To Follow Me on Publish0x




You may be thinking
..why do we need Uptrennd?
To empower the world to thrive through their
passions in a positive, conducive environment.
We believe the ones who create value, should control it.
Your Time, Your Voice, and Your Privacy should be respected..
..Because when people feel valued, good things happen.

Already listed on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko

You can buy/sell 1UP (without KYC) on the:

Probit Exchange (traiding pair - 1UP(ONEUP)/BTC)

Altilly Exchange (traiding pairs - 1UP/ETH, 1UP/BTC, 1UP/XQR)

IDEX Exchange (traiding pair - 1UP/ETH)

You can buy/sell 1UP (need to pass KYC) on the:

P2PB2B Exchange (traiding pair - 1UP/BTC)

Register on the Uptrennd

Don't forget to verify email address!

NOTE: Every time a friend signs up using your link, you’ll both earn 50 1-UP tokens!

How do I earn points?
Points are earned by:
1. Receiving an upvote on your post* or comment
2. The Sharing Economy - Reposts earn you 50% of the points
3. Receiving donations from other users
4. Daily Activity Bonus (Visit 10 pages in a day) - visit 10 pages per a 1st day =1 1UP, 2nd day =2 1UP... 10th day =10 1UP (max. amount) 
5. Monthly and Weekly contests
6. Inviting new users onto the platform - You should reach 5th user lvl
7. Exchanging tokens for points

* You can create 3 posts a day!

NOTE: You can't create your own blog! You should subscribe to Communities already created by the System:





Does it cost anything to upvote?
Nope, upvoting is free!

What is an upvote on Uptrennd worth?
At level one, 1 upvote = 0.45 points.
1 Point = One 1UP token.
As you advance in levels, the higher your level, the more points you can earn per upvote.
At level one, 1 upvote = 0.45 points
At level two, 1 upvote = 0.495 points
At level three, 1upvote = 0.54 points


How do I redeem my points for tokens?



- To be eligible for withdrawal You should reach 3th user lvl
- You will be charged 40 points fee in order to withdraw points. This fee will be deducted from your withdrawal amount.
- The withdrawal approval can take up to 8 days.
- Minimum withdrawal amount = 500 points.
- Email TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION is mandatory for withdrawals. You sign up email will be used for this purpose.


The First Uptrennd Halvening


Does Uptrennd censor content?

Uptrennd is platform that fully supports free speech and media expression. We will never delete posts/comments because of opinion or bias.
However, by law, we cannot host illegal activities or threats of violence on our website.
People soliciting "upvote for upvote" messages on the platform, or found to be doing "upvote-for-upvote" group gamification on the platform will be muted for either one week, or one month, depending on severity. They will also have any gamified points removed. The second offense is a one month mute, or an account deletion, depending on severity.



Feel Free To Follow Me on the Uptrennd




Already listed on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko

You can buy/sell LBC (without KYC) on the:

- CoinEx Exchange (traiding pairs - LBC/BTC, LBC/USDT)

You can buy/sell LBC (need to pass KYC) on the:

- Bittrex Exchange (traiding pairs - LBC/BTC, LBC/USDT)

- VCC Exchange (traiding pair - LBC/BTC)

Register on the LBRY

Don't forget to verify email address!

NOTE: Every time a friend signs up using your link, you’ll both earn 15 LBC! 

- You may need to complete account verification to participate in the rewards program

What is the additional verification step?

Accounts created from networks that have above average fraud rates or that make it difficult to detect fraud may require additional verification steps. Even after this step, some users and regions may not qualify for rewards.

If this step is required, you will be notified when creating an account or entering the rewards area, which will then walk you through it.

The additional verifications are:

How to earn LBC (Step by Step Guide):

- Email verified - 1 LBC

- Grab Daily Watch Reward (every 23 hours) - Earn a random reward (0,5 LBC - 50 LBC) for watching anything at all.

- Publish anything - just publish anything, it can be just a picture created in paint

First Publish 5 LBC

- Faithful Follower - start following other LBRY users. You can claim 4 rewards:

Faithful Follower L1: Disciple - 1 LBC

Faithful Follower L2: Apostle - 3 LBC

Faithful Follower L3: Prophet - 5 LBC

Faithful Follower L4: Enlightenment - 10 LBC

- Watching other content (Only up to 10 views per day count).

Rewards: Many Views:

L1: The Test - 1 LBC 

L2: The Browser - 2 LBC 

L3: Casual LBRYian - 6 LBC

L4: Serious LBRYian - 15 LBC

L5: Addicted LBRYian - 75 LBC

- Gain a following:

Coveted Creator L1: Loneliest Number (1 verified follower needed) - 1 LBC

Coveted Creator L2: High Five (5 verified followers needed) - 5 LBC

Coveted Creator L3: Score of Subs (20 verified followers needed) - 10 LBC

Coveted Creator L4: Hunnid Fans (100 verified followers needed) - 50 LBC

500 verified followers needed - 150 LBC

1,000 verified followers needed - 500 LBC

5,000 verified followers needed  - 2,000 LBC

10,000 verified followers needed - 4,000 LBC

 - Favorite Five 🖐️*

Repost 5 of your favorite creators with the qualified channel - 50 LBC

* In order for a channel to be qualified for the reward you must have 75 validated followers

- Publish content: when you publish your own content to the LBRY network, you can set an LBC price of your choice on it. You may also be tipped by your fans.

- Library Credits (LBC) are mined over a 20-year Proof of Work period. Block rewards increase every 100 blocks by 1LBC, peak at 500, and decline slowly.

LBRY mining is dominated by the GPU and FPGA market, and we don't see CPU mining as economically viable at this point.

For GPU/ASIC mining, please see our list of pools. Each pool has a slightly different setup so please check their Getting Started/help page. We can also provide mining assistance via Discord ChatNote: Sgminer is for AMD GPUs and CCminer is for Nvidia GPUs.

To rent hash rate, see this article for instructions.

How do I claim a reward?
Some rewards will automatically be added when you complete them. Others require an explicit click or acknowledgement to receive.

All rewards can be seen by clicking your Rewards page from the Account drop down menu (top right of the app).



- Click on icon with LBC amount


- Then click Send (3) and paste Recipient address and click "Send" button again



1 - Your earned LBC from posting (you can unlock them manually)


2 - Example:




Feel Free To Follow Me on the LBRY




Already listed on Coinmarketcap (is featured as an 'Untracked Listing') & Coingecko

You can buy/sell CLM (need to pass KYC) on the:

P2PB2B Exchange (traiding pairs - CLM/BTC, CLM/ETH)

STEX Exchange (traiding pair - CLM/ETH)

Helping you reach your goals in the world’s new economy

Satorify is the fun way to learn new job skills and achieve your personal goals. Our simple website gets you earning in minutes and we provide quick, no-fee payments with our secure tokens.

Register on the Satorify

Don't forget to verify email address!

In the past this project called CoinClaim*

* Existing members can use their old CoinClaim accounts login data

After december 2019 to withdraw CLM your should pass KYC

At this time the price of a CLM is too low & I just collect the tokens (maybe some time later I will have passed KYC to withdraw my tokens)




You can earn CLM tokens in several ways:

1st Way - Featured Jobs

- watch or share youtube content in your social media accounts either subscribe to the channels (you can earn more than 10,000 CLM there)


2nd Way - Daily claims

- on the website + browser extansion (to be eligible - need to fill in the profile information) + claim in Brave Browser




3rd Way - Training Campaigns

- Satorify is dedicated to helping you build skills. You can view/ share/ follow social media


4th Way - Tell your Friends

- Every time a member who registered with your link earns 1000 CLM, you automatically earn 50 CLM.

Withdrawal requests will be processed as soon as they pass a security check which can take up to 2 weeks, depending on the queue.
Min. withdrawal amount - 1000 CLM (need to pass KYC)!




_Thanx4reading & Good Luck_


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Crypto _MD

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