Hydra: Digital Money for the First Achievable Worldwide Utopian Community

By Crypto_MD | Crypto _MD | 24 Aug 2020


We desire to bring people, nature and science together to make the world a better place. It is in our hands to make a difference, join us 🌏!

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Terms and conditions of ZoloUs Foundation Inc.

What is Hydra (HDA)?

Hydra (HDA) is a cryptocurrency that helps members of ZoloUs to receive, transfer and invest value.

When will I be able to use Hydra?

You will be able to use Hydra (HDA) to pay, transfer and invest starting with Q4 (October, November or December) of 2020, when the ZoloUs mobile app will be launched.

How can I get Hydra?

As a ZoloUs member you are rewarded daily with ZoloUs Universal Basic Income which consists of 380 Hydra (HDA). Also investments in Hydra (HDA) are permitted exclusively on our website www.zolous.com.


How to earn 880 HDA!

⚠️Step by Step Guide:

Register on the website by using referral link (in other case you will receive only 380 HDA)

- Verify email address



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Crypto _MD
Crypto _MD

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