Exenox is building a blockchain powered smartphone with mobile mining capabilities.

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Exenox  (EXNX) Is a multi-purpose blockchain integrated smartphone with mobile mining capabilities designed to connect users with different mobile applications and network providers. The Exenox system features virtual mobile mining and a video social platform.

🌎 website
📑 Whitepaper
👉 App link (android)
🌀 Web Miner

Exenox  (EXNX) - Token Info
Name              :  Exenox Mobile
Symbol            : EXNX
Decimal           : 6
Total supply     : 5,000,000 ( 1% burning/ transaction )
Circulating       : 2,000,000 EXNX
Contract Address : 0x60e7f0518102a4e70431960f88c1ebc98f994159

"Exenox Mobile will be listed on Mercadox and HotBit exchanges at the end of our campaigns"

Already listed on Coingecko


💰 Reward*: 22,875 EXNX (~$7,5) + 2,5 EXNX per referral👥

*Token distribution will begin middle of August.


👉 Start Telegram Bot

⚠️Step by Step Guide:
1. Join Telegram Group
2. Join Telegram Channel
3. Register for Web Miner  - use ref. code crypto_md
4. Follow Twitter
5. Follow on Instagram
6. Enter your ethereum Address



Join to the Buzzin Bounty project and use the same data to earn up to 20 EXNX!!!


! Thanx_4_Reading & Good Luck

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