Do you want low Ethereum gas fee?

The gas cost for ethereum is currently insanely high and I speculate that this is why publis0x has postponed the payments and I think they are doing the right thing, instead of having fixed payment days it would have been better if they saved the payments until it is cheap to make the payments.
The gas cost is so high right now that the Ethereum miners earned over $ 500,000 USD in transaction fees in just one hour.
To get around the high costs, there is now a site that keeps track of the gas fees and sends an email when the price is below what you want.


Gas watch

Thankyou for taking the time!


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Please, always do your own research or contact a financial adviser before making any large investments

Please don't invest any money that you can't afford to lose because in crypto there are big market swings, sometimes you make enormous gains but most of the time you lose if you don't make your homework.


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Crypto mass adoption

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