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The Crypto market is currently trading in green. Will it sustain? or more fall incoming? Understand how the Bear runs in the past ended in Crypto.

Crypto chart

After a rough week for the Crypto market, with cryptocurrencies falling further and further, it seems like the market is finally on its way to a comeback. The 24Hr chart of many cryptos is currently trading in green. Bitcoin is trading at $36,169, Ethereum at $2,234

But can this be the end of the correction or will the market fall more is still uncertain.

See, the market tends to end a Bull run with this kind of correction or a Bear run. The Bear run usually follows this trend, a huge fall followed by a relief rally creating a lower high, then another fall followed by a relief run for that fall, and this goes on. And the Bear run usually ends when this trend stops, and the market starts going sideways, without creating any more lows or highs. ie, Market trades within a specific range. We can see this by analyzing the historical charts. This is how the market works, you can see this type of chart in other markets as well, like in the Equity markets.


The recent bear run was also similar. We can clearly see that crypto markets were in a long bull run that started by the end of last year. So it was obvious that a correction was incoming. And we've seen falls followed by relief runs only to fall further.'


Now the markets are trading in green again. We can only say that the market ended its Bear run if the charts start trading sideways.


But the bear runs in the past lasted months before consolidating, not just a week. And at the same time, this fall was way speedier than the falls in the past. You already know the reasons behind this speedy fall. If you don't, check out my previous posts.


Thank you for reading.

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