Your Data Safe ICO review

Your Data Safe ICO review

Your Data Safe is a GDPR compliant data management and rewards platform. The European Commission estimate EU personal data market to reach 1 trillion euro by 2020. GDPR came in force at May 25th 2018. They aim to change the way consumer data is handled and traded via the redistribution of value, allowing personal data to be used and monetized for targeted marketing and advertising. The secondary target is to educate and assist companies in GDPR compliance. Your Data Safe will offer its corporate clients a host of GDPR services including data consultancy and Virtual DPO services. They will secure the storage and transfer facilities, including features like “Subject Access Requests” and “Right to Erasure”. This will be achieved using a network infrastructure with blockchain technology. Added bonus: the consumers will be rewarded in native YDS Token any time their data is used via their platform.

Let’s check their Roadmap:

Q3 2017 -YDS began as GDPR consultants;

Q4 2017 -the blockchain proof of concept, HFW, CII, AOFAR training platform release;

Q1 2018 -Whitepaper released, Business plan phase, blockchain competitor SWOT analysis;

Q2 2018 -YDS Academy re-branding, access seed funding , token smart contract development;

Q3 2018 -Bounty rewards program, private TGE sale, pre-public sale

Q4 2018 -Public crowd sale, token allocation and distribution, launch of YDS Academy;

Q1 2019 -Data rewards UI design and development, blockchain development, release of the prototype for data user interface;

Q2 2019 -launch of YDS Cloud, release of AI Vision of Virtual DPO Platform, 2020 Roadmap plans;

Q3 2019 -development of brand partnerships, strategic marketing plan for data gathering;

Q4 2019 -Data rewards UI final P2P testing, Data rewards UI deployment, launch of YDS network.

The token, with the symbol YDST, it is not mineable, and it is ERC20 compatible with the Ethereum Platform. Cryptocurrency accepted for sale are BTC and ETH. The ICO is located in UK, and the following countries are restricted: US, China, Singapore, Bangladesh, Nepal, Macedonia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco. During the public sale, there is a bonus reward depending on the amount of ETH spent, 10% for 1 ETH, 25% for 10, 50% for 25 ETH.

Pre-ICO price 1 ETH=12500 YDST

Price 1 ETH = 9000 YDST

Minimum investment = 1 ETH

Soft cap = 8000 ETH

Hard cap = 40.000 ETH

Token distribution allocation will be estimated as:

  • 1% early access sale
  • 4% private TGE sale
  • 10% pre-TGE sale
  • 20% public TGE crowd sale
  • 15% future projects development (frozen until 25.5.2019)
  • 4% reserved token for platform data rewards
  • 9% core team members (frozen until 25.5.2019)
  • 9% marketing and continuous brand development
  • 5% early advisors and consultants
  • 5% legal law and global compliance
  • 3% bounty and ambassador program
  • 10% airdrop for main public distribution.

According to the White Paper, there is a YDS Pure Data Strategy which aim to create and capture a Pure Data Source, create a Pure Data Collection Model (capture consumer data through the incentivisation of data sharing) and redistribute the value by sharing revenues among customers and the YDS platform.

There are four key areas of YDS:

  • YDS Network -token based GDPR compliant personal data rewards platform;
  • YDS Academy -cloud based education and training platform;
  • YDS Virtual DPO -secure management of GDPR policies and procedures along with a virtual data protection officer;
  • YDS Cloud -encrypted cloud facility for file sharing and storage.

They got two distinctive markets, first is B2B (business to business) offering GDPR services, data sales and affiliates, second one is B2C (business to customer) using the consumer platform.

This IPO is an interesting one, and i will follow it closely in the future. GDPR compliance is still something new for most of the companies, and many of them are training their employee in order for them to understand more about data privacy.

(Disclaimer: This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through BountyOx. BountyOx username: Heruvim78)


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