Poins ICO (review)

Poins ICO (review)

Poins.io is an innovative ICO with the motto: Three platforms, one coin. What they want to say with that? Poins platform is based on the blockchain technology using Scrypt algorithm for high transaction speed, and they offer a complete trading platform (Poinsdex), a trusted payment platform (Poinspay) and a startup incubator platform (Poinsku).

The trading platform will have a developed website integrated with a high level of security, advanced technology and many different features. The integrated website will have different levels of trading, like Beginner (offering 24/7 trading account, easy to open, tutorials and training videos, in-depth F.A.Q. and many bonuses and airdrops) or Expert (with trading conditions -offers, rules, policies, crypto-trading analysis, charts, TV Poins feature with news and links, specialized trading platform). Promotions will happen often (contests, promotional material, official sponsoring and Poins Star products). The crypto service will have crypto-trading, API client cabinet, Crypto Copy System (following succesful traders), browser web trader (classic -with instrument list, trend direction, price changes and trader position, dashboard and charts -candlesticks, OHLC charts, tick charts), trading investment system (collective investment tool with two clients categories -investors and managing traders), Crypto-bot (to perform automatized transactions using Auto-Bot techniques with API features and another supporting script), a Poinsdex wallet that will take us to the payment platform, partnership features with an affiliate program and Crypto-community (forum, company blog, crypto-portal, humor section and social media links).

The crypto payment platform has a multi-functional wallet accepting altcoins for a flat fee of 0.5% (trey aim to decrease the fee in time as they gain traction) and full integration for shopping carts as plug-ins for E-Commerce, with added world class security. The features offered are:

  • Poins Flash -instant transfer of supported cryptocurrency via Bit Go Instant, protected by Multisig technology;
  • Poins Freeze -to lock your coins safely;
  • Mobile app -to access account, receive payments and change coins, Android and iOS supported;
  • Poins fiat settle -withdrawal direct to your bank account;
  • Poins auto-conversion -no need to exchange for some supported coins;
  • Poins POS -simple POS interface to receive transactions directly;
  • Connect exchange account -connection to your registered account on the trading platform;
  • Connect wallet -connects with other altcoin wallets.

The Trading Platform and the Payment Platform are interconnected.

The Poins incubator offers a vast opportunity to finance your ideas as a start-up company, and you have analysts team to check every project and guide you through the early stages. The incubation program has several stages and degrees of involvement.

Poins coin has the following characteristics:

Name: Poins

Symbol: PIN

Algorithm: Scrypt

Total supply: 90 millions

ICO: 30 millions

Mining: 60 millions

Reward: 50 PIN/block

Price: 1000 PIN = 1 ETH

ICO minimum purchase: 0.5 ETH

Accepted payment: ETH, BTC.

What are the advantages of buying Poins coin:

  • If it is obtained from the ICO it will be calculated as a temporary shareholding of the company;
  • Your idea can be applied as a start-up in the project incubator using Poins coin;
  • Instant transactions using Poins wallet;
  • Can be used as a voting tool for each project;
  • Can be exchanged with fiat or other cryptocurrency;
  • Will be used in Airdrops to increase awareness of the coin;
  • Will be used to pay for online products or services that receive the crypto using the plugin of Poins wallet at Poinspay.com;
  • Coin holders will obtain various discounts or even eliminate the transaction fee made through Poins wallet;
  • The coin is a digital asset that allows mining by everyone and everywhere.

Let’s talk about the Roadmap. The main dates on it are:

Quarter 1 2018 -the formation of the team;

Quarter 2 2018 -concepts, prototypes and strategy creation, White Paper;

Quarter 3 2018 -Poins website;

Quarter 4 2018 -start the ICO, web wallet offered for Linux and Windows;

Quarter 1 2019 -Distribution (Instant and Plus), Poinsdex.com trading platform launch, version Alpha for internal market, entry of Poins coin to external market and CoinMarketCap.

The ICO will have 3 phases. Phase 1 will start in 08.10.2018 with 5.000.000 coins distributed in 15.12.2018, the discounted price will be 2000 PIN = 1 ETH. Phase 2 will start in 29.10.2018 with 10.000.000 coins distributed in 30.12.2018, the discounted price will be 1800 PIN = 1 ETH. Phase 3 will start in 01.12.2018 with 5.000.000 coins distributed in 10.01.2019, the discounted price will be 1200 PIN = 1 ETH.

The money they raise through the ICO will be allocated as per following:

  • 50% technology;
  • 25% marketing and operational costs;
  • 15% business development;
  • 5% legal costs;
  • 5% emergency fund and other expenses.

The White Paper is quite thorough, with extensive knowledge of the basics of the blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO definition, and a detailed exposition of the project.

Their contact info are:

(Disclaimer: This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through BountyOx. BountyOx username: Heruvim78)


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