March by numbers - my crypto rewards, staking and crypto-income

March by numbers - my crypto rewards, staking and crypto-income

I am starting to do the numbers, and i think this is my best month ever, in term of profit and returns. Plenty of work, and events, and lots of new ATH for my portfolio. Where shall I start. I become more relaxed with the writing, as I am doing a weekly round-up of the crypto-market, and 1-2 posts every week about Splinterlands and Hive, with the occasional contest content and any research I deem interesting enough to write about it. This month I had only 16 articles posted, and this maybe be the lowest since i started Publish0x. And I want to mention my latest discovery,, where I managed to get 3861$ in rewards from the project. The team behind it is made by Steemit platform veterans, now based on Hive blockchain, managing successfully LeoFinance project, CUB being part of their platform, after they created a bridge to BSC. But enough chit-chat, show me the money, you would say!



Publish0x - 0.08 FARM, 3.37 AMPL - $17.5 - $39.5 (in BCH, not included)

Hive blog and Hive portfolio - $1145 (+861)

Hive layer2 blogs (Leofinance, SPT, CTP, LENM, LBI, CTPSB) - $1325 (+749)

LBRY - 20 LBC - $4.16

Torum - 2070 XLM (Token not launched yet)

TOTAL - $1671.16


Play2Earn - blockchain games

Splinterlands main account - $822 (+$362)

Splinterlands secondary account - $91 (+$40)

Axie Infinity - 496 SLP - $31.35

Dogewars - 0 DOGE - $0

League of kingdoms - 0 DAI - $0

Cryptobrewmaster - 7 HIVE, 20 ASH - $5.28

Risingstar - $1.49

Rplanet - 24 WAX - $7

TOTAL - $447.12


Faucets (I did not claim daily, mostly referral rewards)

Getzen - 0.084 ZEN - $4.47

Pipeflare - 0.0086 ZEC, 4 DOGE - $1.52

Globalhive - 0.01 ZEC - $1.51

TOTAL - $7.5



Celsius - $210

PancakeSwap pools - 206 CAKE, 28.9 LIT, 1.2 BNB, 9300 IOTX - $4762 pools - 5 BNB, 234 BUSD, 623 CUB - $3861

Kucoin - 34 KCS, 48 ZIL, 5.6 KTSt, 0.002 BTC - $296

Binance - 0.00019 BTC, 5.27 ALICE, + DOT,AVAX. SOL interests - $205

Blockfi - 0.000521 BTC - $3.47

Coinbase - 3 XTZ, 6$ in UMA - $20 - 45 CRO cashback, 77 CRO staking - $27.21

Zen node - 0.43 ZEN - $22.81

Stakecube - DASH,RPB,PIVX,PHR staking - $3.19

Matic staking - 19 MATIC - $7.05

Tron staking and Wink rewards - 114 TRX - $7.56

CoinApp - 0 XYO - $0

Uniswap - 2946 DEC - $2.94

Helium mining - Rewards for mining HNT - $139

Twitter contests - $5

Brave - 5.3 BAT - $6.3

TOTAL - $9378


TOTAL crypto income in February - $11504 (£8376)

That's all for today. Some of the links bellow are referrals. You can use them if you want, or not. If you know some awesome way to play with crypto, I am open to learn about new ideas. I already made the investment plan for the next 3 months. And I can even share it with you, as there are no big secrets, just perseverance and research. My primary focus now is on NFT, BSC DEFI, HIVE blockchain, TRON blockchain and to increase my winning positions on Kucoin staking, Binance staking and Celsius app. 

As I decided to explore other blockchains than ETH, where I used to do all my activity before the fees went crazy, I will focus on Tron, Hive and Polkadot

  • TRON - more TRX to stake, and WIN on their gaming app, both of them rewarding TRX. 
  • On HIVE - increase my positions on following tokens: HIVE, LEO, CTP, SPT, LENM, CTPSB
  • On DOT - increase my position on DOT and KSM
  • On TERRA - increase my position in LUNA and MIR if possible.

Then, on my staking and interest bringing apps, I want to focus on Celsius, Blockfi, Kucoin and Binance

  • Celsius - more DAI, USDT, BUSD, XLM and CEL
  • Kucoin - sell some of my wax and get some NULS and more LUNA, KSM, ZIL +adding KCS if possible
  • Binance - 5 more BNB and some MATIC
  • Blockfi - to add another 0.05 BTC
  • get exposure to some NFT tokens, instead of buying NFT, as the tokens will be always needed (THETA, DEGO, CHILIZ, ENJIN, MANA, CHR)

On Binance Smart Chain, add more CAKE and CUB, use the best pool to get some profitable tokens to exchange into BUSD/BNB.




All the best,



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