Make money while asleep - The magic of Stakecube website (staking, masternode shares and even faucets)

I am a bit like a child, always looking for new, shiny toys, and these day i just found one. My toys are a bit abstract nowadays, and they are called investement platform, DEFI apps and index tracker funds, you may understand me, if you are on this platform probably you are enjoying similar hobbies. 

When i first saw MyCointainer website i was thinking that the idea is good, but the application is horrendous. It was very difficult to add funds, as many of the options were quite complicated. And then i found Stakecube. Oh my God, this website had everything that i wanted to change in MyCointainer idea, and some more. 

Even if it is a bit technical, you may find your way around Stakecube if you experiment a little, but just to start straight to the point, i will guide you step by step into the essential bits that you may want to learn first. As you enter on the website you are greeted with this page. Not, i will mark the important bits with little sunny smiley faces or i will circle the right buttons, so you can see and follow. Clicking on your username, you may see the account. Now click on the account button. 




Once you enter in your account you may see this. By clicking on the team button you may acces your refferal list. I would say that it is useful to have at least 5 refferals if it is possible, but it is mot a must. This is an important bit, as you need to select what type of coin you want to receive as reward for your refferals. Once you see the list, go and click on the name of the new refferal. 




After you click on the refferal name, you may see this window appearing. I choosed Bitcoin as a reward in this case, by clicking on the gift icon, so from now on every rewards from that specific refferal will be in Bitcoin. 




This introduction was made so you will now how to get the right rewards from your refferals. Now we can go to the really juicy bits, and find what Stakecube has to offer. This is the app menu, and you can open it by clicking there. We can see the wallet bit, where you will have plenty of wallets, and you can add even more than the default ones if needed. Next is the exchange, similar with the Binance one. On Shared Masternodes you can use your crypto to get shares from a masternode (really useful if you want some Dash or Pivx - as they are in the range of $2500-9000 for a full node). In the community area are hidden the faucets, plenty of them, with one click claim every 24 hours. Let's explore this a bit more




Here you can see the exchange, classical design, and i will show you how one pair of crypto looks when you buy or sell. Word of advice, be patient as sometimes the amount of crypto available for trade is not that big. 




This is the pair Stakecube Coin (SSC) / Bitcoin (BTC). You may notice on the upper menu all kind of orders related options (open orders, order history, trade history). The interface is quite intuitive and easy to use. This is the top of the page. 




And if we explore the bottom, we can see all the informations needed to trade right here.




My favourite part now, the masternode shares. If you know about the shares fractions, this is a similar way to deal with expensive masternodes. You can buy just a share of the masternode (in fractions of 1% in the most of the cases). If you click on the Action button, you will see all the informations about a specific node.




Here, in the squared area, you can see all the info about collaterals needed, what is the share size, share value and how many shares are available. By pressing the + button you can sellect how many shares you want to get, if you have the necessary collateral in that specific cryptocurrency. 




Now, this is how it will look when you get paid, every day, and you can find the amount in the Activity tab of the selected coin that you want to see. 




You can select the reward specifically, to see what did you get from masternodes, from staking or from refferals. This is how staking rewards tab looks, and you get paid here with every block that it is mined for the most cryptocurrencies.




At last, but not the least, we will explore the faucet tab, that you can find in the community area from the app main menu. Clock on Main Menu -> Community -> Faucets. You will see a huge list, and my advice is too claim all of them, every one of them, as any of the shitcoins can be exchanged into Bitcoin or native coin SSC. There is no captcha or any test, you just click claim and you got it. At the end of the month check you crypto, keep the ones that you believe they got potential, and exchange the rest for SSC or BTC. 




If you look carefully at my smiley face stickers, there are to kind of faucets (Self refilling and Filled by donations). The better ones are filled by doantions, and they may be empty sometimes. Get your free lollipop by claiming with just one click, if the faucets are your forte. 




My strategy here is to get some masternode shares, and you the rewards to get even more masternode shares, building a portfolio big enough to pay a decent amount monthly. Whatever i can get daily for masternode reward will also get staking rewards most of the times, so compounding the interest is a two for one deal. When i have time, i am also claiming the faucets, and regularly i am selling some of them for bitcoin. Which bitcoin i use to increase my masternode shares. The start is promising, i got $0.80 daily rewards out of the $120 that i used to test the website. So the average return range from 6% to 18%, which is not bad. Quite close of the return expected running a Dash masternode by yourself, if you have 1000 Dash. 




I hope you found my experiment interesting. Please tell me if you know any other similar platform, as i like to compare and test few more. 





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