Heruvim78's Cryptocurrency Income Report - September 2023



I got some hope for the new all-in-one app from Elrond, I even bought some more EGLD to stake, trying to create some more passive income. Got a plan for the rest of the year to buy more GLX, HBD and Hive. I am also thinking to use Freetrade to buy some fractional shares using my crypto rewards, to build some momentum (ideally 10K as a emergency fund).


Publish0x - $0 this month (I plan to get OP for Ampl and Spot) - $0.93

Hive blog and Hive portfolio and layer2 blogs (Leofinance, SPT, UTOPIS, LENM, LBI, BRO, POB, DHEDGE, ARCHONM) - basically I got 151$ in HIVE and HBD. 

Torum - I stopped to check them for now. There is some profit, but not that much if you are not active every day.

TOTAL - $151.93 (gained HIVE Layer 2 tokens not included)

Play2Earn - blockchain games

Splinterlands main account - $250.10 from all sources: SPS Airdrop (finished now), DEC, CREDITS and Vouchers, (paid by the licence node), from playing games too. 

Axie Infinity - 20 RON - $9.17

Polkamon - Polychain Monsters - some PMON staked, not much for now. A bit confused about what is happening in there. 

Cryptobrewmaster - stopped playing it. 

DCity - Hard to quantify, but I do get 0.4 HIVE daily, so that will be like 12 HIVE - $4.20

Risingstar and Golem Overlord - STARBITS and SCRAP tokens sold - 5 Hive - $1.51, but I did buy 24 packs on Risingstar game

Genesis League is a new game from  the  Splinterlands ecosystem, and currently they are doing a daily airdrop for SPS stakers (71 days remaining) - $42

Wombat Dungeon Master - NFT staking game - 1011 WOMBAT - $1.55

TOTAL - $308.53



Celsius and BlockFi -  bankruptcy filed, withdrawals stopped, the rewards stopped now, so all that I have to do is to see if I can recover my funds from there (my estimate is 1-2 years waiting time)

BSC blockchain - PancakeSwap and (BSC) pools - $27.55 MBOX for now, didn't take the rewards yet, 2 CAKE - $2.34= $29.89

Kucoin - Interest 1.65 KCS and $395 in SUI transactions - $402.57

Binance - $0

Coinbase -  1.4 XTZ most of them bought - $0.95 - 17 CRO - $0.85

Zen node - 0 ZEN - $0 - no node, just some automatic faucets. 

Maiar (Elrond staking) - 0.15 EGLD - $3.81 from staking with 9% APR and no impermanent loss involved, mostly bought. They just launched a new improved all-in-one app. Check it out. 

Presearch Node - 2 PRE - $0

ACROSS protocol - 1139ACX - $64.09

I am also quite active on Discord, assisting the UMA and ACROSS teams, check them in there if you want to learn a bit more, and if you like to spot hidden gems long before they become well known. (This is one of my well guarded secrets). 

TOTAL - $502.16



TOTAL crypto income in September- $962.62(£789.23)

Simple strategy for 2023: Increase my Hive portfolio to 55K Power up, then until it will generate $50 daily via curation, which I will delegate in order to save time. Focusing on Hive next, for this year, in order to get a big enough retirement pot, as I can completely automatize everything on Hive Blockchain to do the hard work without my involvment, so I can just write about what I like, when I like. Save more stablecoins in order to reach the final emergency sum of 200K in stablecoins. Get 5000 CAKE staked on Pancake Swap. Buy some of the spare crypto from my list (this month I focus on 1000 HBD and 30k RADAR)). 

All the best,



Why not...

...have fun and win rewards on my favourite blockchain games (Splinterlands- Hearthstone-like card game) (Mobox - GamiFI NFT platform) (Wombat Dungeon Master - NFT staking game) and (CryptoBrewmaster - Beer factory sim).

...Get ETH while writing on Publish0x blog, using  Presearch search engine to maximize your income with PRE tokens. Use Torum instead of Twitter . I am also writing for crypto on and Hive.

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Crypto - I tested it, so you didn't need to...

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