Doctor Who - Worlds apart (or what happen when BBC channel discover the NFT market)

As i was wandering in wonder on the internet, i found this website - I think this can be huge for NFT in general, as BBC is the owner of the Doctor Who franchise, a popular kiddies and adults science fiction TV show started all the way back in the 1963. We are talking of the adventures of an extraterrestrial Time Lord called ''The Doctor'', of human appearance, exploring the Universe in a time travelling space-ship called TARDIS ("Time and Relative Dimension in Space"). This TV show is now part of the British popular culture and often the children can tell you the name of all the 13 Doctors playing the part until now. 

Let's see the video and enjoy the virtual trip into the what to be a interesting game (as there are many people here in Britain collecting Doctor Who memorabilia and they are banking on this for the game to be a success). Who Chaser is doing a very interesting video explaining this from a normal real life collector perspective:

The game seems similar with Heartstone and Splinterlands, but a bit more complicated, doh, it is a British thing, you may expect this. You got 8 character cards: 

Creatures - similar with the monsters from Splinterlands, and Companions - more dangerous than Creatures. 

Upgrades - giving extra-boosts for Creatures and Companions.

Then we have Moments and Flashes - cards used on your turn or your opponent turn - think of them as some kind of Mass Spells. 

Objects and Phenomenons - cards used to give some boost/curse to one or more cards, but they do not attack or defend.

And the last one - Planets - they completely change the background giving big advantages to their native population. 

Now take a look at the card, seems complicated, right? Or maybe not (if you played the old card game Doctor Who). 


I think the important bits are Attack and Health, and the additional abilities. Arton is similar with Mana, and is used as the cost for the card to be played on the table. And the table, the table is quite nice. You have night and day, to start with, and different planets to visit around. 


But i must to admit that the graphics are excellent and the Doctor Who universe has enough history and characters to sustain the game. Now comes the funny part. The aim of the game is to destroy the opponent TARDIS shield (the spaceship called TARDIS acts like a summoner in the game). But they say a game can last 10-30 minutes. Are you being serious, half an hour to play the game? Also, they are saying that you may need at least 40 different cards to create a decent deck. The game is happening in 3 timelines past (the used cards) present (your board at the actual moment) and the future (the cards left in your deck). You may see how some cards affect the past or the future. The cards used in battle gain experience, and advance from level 1 to level 15 getting a different frame (bronze, silver, gold, diamond). There are also Alien Frames, Bronze Dalek, Cyber-Warrior, Silurian, Weeping Angel, Ice Warrior, White-Point Star and TARDIS, with a limited supply, probably costing a lot of money once resold on the secondary market. Each card also has a statistics section, showing you how the card was used in your games). 

The Alpha launch is in the second semester of 2021, with the public Beta launch at the end of the year. If you are a serious player, or investor, you can buy a Founders Token, costing 250$ at the moment, a special ERC-721 Ethereum NFT giving you exclusive perks as you can see bellow:


They have already made a Library, where you can learn more about the cards and their role. I bought 10 packs to check my lack of luck, and i must admit, out of 50 cards, i got 2 Legendary cards, 10 Epic, 15 Rare and the rest of them Common. I have even got a Doctor - The second one. Check my video to see my lucky hands:

It is quite funny, the first card that i got is Rusty (so now you know brother where it was Rusty hiding, right?). If you follow PVMihalache on Read.Cash you may know about his obsession with Rusty. Behold!



There is a wide range of possibilities if you want the NFT, as you can see here. You can buy them using Paypal, card or crypto. 


So, with this, i stop here and i leave a bit of mistery behind, hoping that i made you curious. My only issue is with the NFT being on the Ethereum blockchain, making the secondary markets useless, with the current fees. But maybe this problem will be solved until the end of the year, when the game will be launched. 


Yours truly, 



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