BizShake ICO review

BizShake ICO review

If you ever used a company like TheHouseCrowd or similar, you are aware of the potential shortcomings, the market vulnerability and even the limited communication. Bizshake is building a complete ecosystem of dApps aiming to allow and encourage users to share their own properties, maximizing the value generated by their use and optimizing the assets allocation though the community itself. They are building multi-applications that will allow users to exchange the temporary usage right of a particular asset with economic benefits for each party, based on pre-exchange agreements. Even more, other business owners can use their protocols to build their own applications based on their vertical market needs, via Smart API.

Bizshake is creating a P2P sharing ecosystem on Neo blockchain, through the tokenization of the real life assets. We will have SmartRent, where the lender will get a fee for the asset sharing and the deposit guarantee is locked by the blockchain in the lessee’s own wallet.

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We will also have SmartPawn, where the pawner sent the asset to the lender in exchange of a loan, getting the asset back when the loan plus interest is paid. The lender can keep the asset if, at the end of the agreed period, the pawner doesn't return the lent amount.

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The apps Bizshake is trying to develop are:

  • SmartRent -allow users to rent assets for a certain period of time to other users for a predetermined fee;
  • SmartPawn -allow users to receive a short term loan from another users, the loan will be backed by the transfer of the assets;
  • SmartDispute -a decentralized dispute system that is based of peer control. Full scale implementation of a complete P2P sharing economy, as users help each other to judge and settle disputes;
  • SmartCertify -an innovative blockchain concept called non-fungible tokens and affiliation program to involve certified users to reduce face or broken objects of high value assets;
  • SmartIdentify -implementation of a specific algorithm to calculate user’s profile, ID, level of credibility using data from Bizshake dApps and external sources (government data, insurance and financial institutions). The credibility level can be shared with other Bizshake partners dApps under user consensus;
  • SmartAPI -will provide other business owners with the possibility to implement more applications based on Bizshake logic and algorithms, for their specific vertical markets, asset classes and languages, to bring more value to community.

Transactions fees are a flat 5% of each transaction value (5% of rental fee and 5% if interest in SmartPawn). The total quantity of tokens is 200 millions, and available for sale out of it we have 100 millions.

Token ticker: BZS

Token type: NEP-5

Accepted cryptocurrency: NEO, GAS, ONT.

The allocated funds are:

  • 50% team, G&A, R&D
  • 25% marketing
  • 15% business development
  • 5% legal
  • 5% other emergencies.

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Token distribution is as following:

  • 5% advisers
  • 15% founders
  • 30% reserve
  • 50% sold at ICO.

The token is sold at the value of 1 NEO = 185 BZS. The private sale will be done with minimum 1500 NEO, between 1.10–14.10.2018. The crowd sale minimum will be 1 NEO, between 15.10–31.10.2018. The soft cap is 50.000 NEO in tokens for sale. The bonus for sale is 40% for pre-sale, 25% in 15–18.10.2018, 15% in 19–21.10.2018 and 10% in the 22–25.10.2018. After this day will be no bonus active.

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According to the White Paper, they will check the following road map:

  • Q4 2017 -idea conception, team build-up, blockchain platform evaluation, test of STO smart contract;
  • Q1 2018 -social network presence, website and White paper release, company in corporation;
  • Q2 2018 -SmartPawn alpha release, Smart dispute release, SmartRent alpha release;
  • Q3 2018 -SmartAPI alpha release, SmartCertify alpha release, STO start, STO smart contract deployed;
  • Q4 2018 -SmartPawn beta release, SmartDispute beta release, SmartRent beta release;
  • Q1 2019 -SmartCertify beta release, Smart Dispute beta release, SmartRent and SmartDispute go live;
  • Q2 2019 -SmartCertify business partnerships release, Customer service team hire;
  • Q3 2019 -SmartAPI go live, SmartPawn go live;
  • Q4 2019 -SmartCertify go live, SmartIdentity beta release.

They got a solid structure and a good market, worth to keep and eye on them in the future.

(Disclaimer: This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through BountyOx. BountyOx username: Heruvim78)


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