23.10.2020 - Another day into Cryptoverse

  • Big news, for the first time since 2019, Bitcoin reached out, all the way up to $13200, only to have a correction shortly and reach a  more stable value of 12800. This is bringing hope in all those dark days of the current year. 


  • Mainly, the biggest boost for the Bitcoin spike was the Paypal press release informing us that in the US you can now buy, sell and hold BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC, with no service charges until the end of the year and with no additional fees for holding cryptocurrency in the account. Anyway, you cannot transfer your cryptocurrency to any other account, being that Paypal or other wallet. So, at the moment, Paypal is nothing else that just a glorified Revolut card account. Maybe this will change in the future. But, unlike me, many others believe this being crypto history in making. 
  • Mode Global Holdings, a London Stock Exchange listed corporation, decided to exchange 10% of their cash reserves into Bitcoin, as a way to preserve value in these challenging times. (A bit of trouble with COVID10 and Brexit, i presume).


  • My brother favorite project, Harvest Finance, had their locked funds value doubling in the last 7 days. Not to boast, but this sure has something to do with my rapping skills used wisely in their last contest. Link here
  • The artworks made by the famous (now) Trevor Jones and Jose Dalbo, related to the Dark knight, Barman itself, was sold to an unknown bidder, going by the name MaxStealth, for 540 ETH (approx.. $200.000). 
  • Bahamas is releasing a CBDC (central bank digital currency) called Sand, which will be probably used only for domestic expenses. The Sand dollar is a stablecoin, pegged to the value of the Bahamas dollar. 
  • You can now login onto your Unstoppable Domain account using Twitter. Attention, it is not free and you need to buy a $20 Chainlink verification if you want it. 
  • The hacking group called Darkside, specialized in ransomware, paid few charities in Bitcoin, 10.000 dollars at the time, trying to create a modern Robin Hood image. The ransoms paid just in 2019 are approaching 170 billions dollars, and they donated around 40-50 thousands dollars via The Giving Block (US based anonymous service) to Children International and The Water Project charities. It may be only a tentative of marketing, making their organization better known. If you never heard of them, think at the WANNACRY ransomware attack that targeted the US National Health Service in 2017. Their source code is similar with the code used for Revil and GandGrab, but this is not telling a lot, as the codes are most of the times freely exchanged in the hacking world. 

And with this, i wish you a perfect weekend!



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