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By Oenomel | Crypto Trading Market | 22 Nov 2020

Although I have been active in the crypto markets for a long time, I still hear and learn about new things daily. Another interesting fact is that there is still a large community that looks at the crypto market with scepticism. I want to continue writing about the marketing strategies I know. Here is a small analysis of today's crypto market as its beginning.

I believe everyone will notice the view that the entire crypto market has remained bullish for the past few days. The cryptocurrency market is fully booming This shows how much the leap in the Bitcoin market has affected other Altcoins.



The jump in Ethereum (ETH) was absolutely incredible. For the first time since Jan 2018, ETH has surpassed $ 500. In the last week, it has grown by more than 10%. This is a testament to the fact that the crypto market is thriving today.

XRP has moved more than 50 per cent over the past week. The jump in the last two days has been very much reflected in the market. This shows us how active the Ripple Project is.

Although growth in the Bitcoin market may affect other Altcoins,
The decision to save crypto by institutional traders is one of the reasons why the entire cryptocurrency market is soaring.

USDT's third position in the market with a total value of $ 18.37 billion was another leap.

Litecoin (LTC), another major cryptocurrency, has long since moved from the $ 50 area to $ 88. This is attracting a large number of investors. Moreover, the rise of the lite coin has stimulated the market.

The cryptocurrency industry is currently expanding. In terms of the market, enthusiasts and investors have never been more bullish than now. Although, it may be possible for Bitcoin and other virtual currencies to hit new highs.

Bitcoin, which can control all cryptocurrencies, is currently trading above $ 1800. This is a reminder that Bitcoin is approaching an all-time high of $ 19,783.

Usually, when the price of BTC has increased, users have deposited funds in exchanges to sell them. The situation is different today. We see that bitcoin is rising and investors are withdrawing their BTC. This is the reason for the bullish nature of the current crypto market. PayPal's acquisition of about 70% of the newly mined bitcoin has also given the market a boost.

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Crypto Trading Market
Crypto Trading Market

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