Polkadot ridiculous move from $35 to $0.2 (On Binance)

This move could shock the whole world! But smart holders would look at this as a golden opportunity to earn more BTC/ETH for the next market cycle !!

Fact: Even since Bitcoin rebound from $39650, it has been rejected twice at $44500 and $43800.  Its current price = $42953 at the time of writing. 

Thank goodness I often have my phone screen captured on some ridiculous moves that I do not often see for my own reference as I am self taught chart reading and I learn by doing my own research.  I truly believe we are about to see the similar move as seen on picture!  This move will probably come so fast and so sudden!  But here is the good news!   Bitcoin is NOT coming to the end, we should call it coming back to the beginning of the brand new exciting market cycle that is going  to be even bigger and stronger, most of all, we will RESUME to our bull run right after this correction because $69,000 was only (what I called) a FAKE ALL TIME HIGH!     

Before entering into the new market cycle, it is known crypto market is in fact at the correction stage.  However, as I mentioned on my previous post, there is an option for holders to protect their own assets by locking in USD value, not only that, if this ridiculous move really happens, holders will be able to accumulate more bitcoins for the next coming cycle!  Check out my previous post for more details- <Just hold do nothing or 1x short sell position>           

Bitcoin's immediate targets on the downside:   $39650 ,  $32500  

We must not forget the potential 2018 ATH Retest between 18-19k   


Ridiculous Move or Golden Opportunity

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Crypto by Targets
Crypto by Targets

Only facts in chart - Tell the way as I see w/o sugarcoating. -Check out my newest NFT- https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/64720148783402

Just hold do nothing VS 1x short sell BTC
Just hold do nothing VS 1x short sell BTC

Crypto Market is in fact in a major correctional stage. How can we earn more coins? What's the difference between someone just hold and do nothing, and someone who open a 1x short sell position?

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