How to properly manage your capital?

By EmCe_ldz | Crypto_Maniac | 22 Apr 2020

Today I would like to raise a very important topic.

Are you wondering how to minimize your capital losses?

I think the topic is even more important than how to accumulate your wealth.

Lots of new rich people just lose their assets after a short time.

Intelligence and entrepreneurship is the key here.


In my opinion, the most important is the diversification of assets, i.e. the distribution of assets into various assets. In this way, even if you make a mistake and lose one, you always have collateral in the form of the rest of your assets.

I have allocated my assets to assets such as:

- Cash

- Bitcoin


- gold

- Dollars

I trust banks the least and try to keep as little money as possible on my bank account, only those utilized.

I am curious about your strategies!

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