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Why was CZ of Binance forced to resign?

By Invictus21 | Crypto Mademoiselle | 22 Nov 2023

Who is CZ of Binance?

Firstly, the reference CZ is  his popularly used nickname for Changpeng Zhao.CZ is a Chinese-Canadian entrepreneur and cryptocurrency executive who is the founder and CEO of Binance. As I mentioned in my other articles about Binance, it is the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. He was born in Linyi, China in 1977 and immigrated to Canada with his family when he was 12 years old. He obtained computer science a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from McGill University in Montreal and later worked as a software engineer at Bloomberg LP and Morgan Stanley. Under his belt, and apart from Binance, CZ has founded several startups, including:

  • Fusion Systems: A blockchain development company
  • Bijie Tech: A cryptocurrency exchange that was later acquired by Binance
  • Binance: The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume

CZ's legal troubles

Changpeng Zhao was obligated to resign as CEO of Binance in November 2023 after the exchange reached a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission over charges of money laundering and sanctions violations. The DOJ's charges against Binance alleged that the exchange had failed to implement adequate anti-money laundering and know-your-customer procedures, which had allowed it to be used by criminals to launder money and evade sanctions. The DOJ also alleged that Binance had engaged in market manipulation. In addition, the SEC's charges against Binance alleged that the exchange had operated an unregistered securities exchange and had misled investors by using a Switzerland-based fund, Sigma Chain, to inflate the trading volume on Binance's U.S. platform. In light of all these charges, Binance opted for a settlement to pay a $4.3 billion fine and to implement a number of reforms, including:

  • Strengthening its AML and KYC procedures
  • Registering its U.S. spot trading platform with the SEC
  • Cooperating with the DOJ and SEC in ongoing investigations

CZ's resignation Tweet

CZ tweeted about his resignation admitting to making mistakes, assuring customer funds security, introducing the new Binance CEO and mentioning he will take a break from his hectic "phone-always-on" lifestyle as a unicorn Crypto startup CEO.(Okay, okay... I addded the 🦄 part). CZ's resignation was seen as a way for Binance to distance itself from the DOJ and SEC charges and to show that it was committed to complying with U.S. law. In a statement announcing his resignation, CZ said that he was stepping down in order to "allow the company to move forward." Read the part of the tweet below:


Are you a Binance client? Were you happy with CZ's leadership? What do you think will happen from now on??Share thoughts below.





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