Crypto Traders By Country

By CryptoAnon4 | Crypto Life! | 10 May 2019

People in the crypto market are from all over the world, and I know a lot of people on this platform are from so many different countries as well! This technology is truly connecting people in ways that I would never have imaged just a few years ago. I am in the US and I was actually surprised to see that the US was so far ahead! I figures either the US or Japan was in the lead for sure but this number is insame. US coming in at No. 1 has more traders than the bottom 13 countries in this list combined! I am actually even more surprised to see that Japan isn't closer since I feel like they are much more progressive when it comes to acceptance and usage. Not only that but Chine is not even included in this list, do you think that is because their internet is highly monitored and they are trying to ban bitcoin? I can imagine if there was more data available, they would certainly be on this list somewhere?!?!? What do you guys think?



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