'Crypto' Movie Shines a Negative Light on Bitcoin

By CryptoAnon4 | Crypto Life! | 13 May 2019

I cannot bring myself to go to the theater and pay to watch this movie. I will probably end up watching it when it gets listed on Hulu or Netflix or something but I don't think that this movie deserves my money or endorsement. We as investors try hard all the time to shine light on the positive nature of this market. We share knowledge and ideas and projects that are truely going to change the world one day! We are believers and I don't know about you, but I try to inform others about the great potential that crypto and blockchain has on the world as a whole in hopes that people open up their eyes and understand that this really is the future, whether they understand now or not.


So when I heard that they were making a movie called Crypto, I got really excited. I was thinking to myself, finally some vindication that we all needed. Even Hollywood wants to shine a light on this truely remarkable industry! However, from what I understand about this movie... this is so far from the truth. This movie seems to have basically taken all stereotypes about cryptocurrency and made a mockery of it! It implies that bitcoin is only good for hackers, money launderers and the Russian Mob! It is hard enough that people have this image of the bad press from sites like Silk Road that already implanted the idea that we only use it for kidnapping and drug deals... This is certainly not the case, especially after so many new developments in blockchain!


This just makes me sick that producers can tear an industry to shreads for their own personal gain. Same thing happened with the movie "The Net." Basically a bunch of brainless executives made a movie bashing an (obviously) perfectly good technology. Again, the internet is only for hackers! See the pattern here? Luckily that technology managed to prove it's worth all on it's own as this will too in the end. We will just have to put up with a bunch of crap in our way before we can get some real movies to be made about the benefits instead of the sinister practices...


What are your thoughts? Have you seen it? Is it better / worse than I think it is? If not, do you plan on watching this?


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