Benefits of a Red Market!!!

By CryptoAnon4 | Crypto Life! | 27 Jun 2019

A lot of people may look at this picture and get sad. You may see your portfolio a little smaller today. You know what I see? A GREAT DAY TO PICK UP CHEAP CRYPTO! Now, I do not trade, I am in this market for the long run and you better believe I will be holding on to my crypto tight! I believe this market as a whole is going to surge beyond our wildest dreams... but the name of the game to get there... is patience. If you truly believe in this market, what it can accomplish, what it will do for society and what it will do for your pockets, you really shouldn't care if the market dips a bit. You should look at it as an opportunity. So crypto is down... half glass full... use that glass to fill your bags! Instead of panic buying when the price rises exponentially, use these dips to your advantage. We get this chance pretty regularly in this market! We just have to embrace it. Cost averaging your buys can help leverage your entry point and should help your ROI (return on investment) progress in the long run. This is my game plan for securing my future... what's yours?

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