OMG ---> Where to deposit these wonderful AMPLEFORTH tokens??

By Ariman | Crypto_Life_Style | 29 Nov 2020

Did you noticed that we are all making a lot of $$$AmpleForth those days? Well, that's super-mega fine. And do you know you can withdraw them, earlier than usual, in December 1st? This is also super fine. But now, do you know where to send them?

I didn't made a deep research about this, essentially because I don't have time now, but mainly because I knew the solution immediately as soon as I found some Ampl token in my tips few days ago!!!

The solution is a centralized entity :  the FTX Exchange (aka Alameda Research)

To fully appreciate the solution, let's be sure that you know about the Ampleforth rebase system: the total number of AMPL tokens in your wallet may increase by a given percentage each day, so that generally your tokens are growing if AMPL tokens are exchanged at a price higher than 1$ so that, theoretically, the over-due circulation should drive the price down , as it seems to be for the next future. Vice versa, your Ampl tokens will be slashed if the price goes below that level so that, theoretically, the reduced circulation supply drives again the price up!

Simply Brilliant!  I kindly thank the Publish0x team for this big gift they made to us... 



  •  Is one of the few giving support for the Ampleforth token
  •  FTX will automatically rebase your AMPL token holdings, every day
  •  Last but not least, the FTX exchange pays for you any withdrawals fees for any token

Do I really need to write more?

Now... we all know that here people are always trying to get people referred... I will also do it know, but because I really think that this platform deserve your attention and that YOU deserve their great services; so, here my referral link if you don't have an account there:

  • FTX referral link    ( with 5% fees reduction, can't do more, but till end of 2020 they offer 0% maker fees )   

Do it if you are highly interested in trading, expecially futures trading, because is really an easy and comfortable place to go for that. 

I would never suggest things I would not be happy to use, never.

Have a nice day, see you soon!   Hope I gave you a small help :-)

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