With Bitcoin Closing In On 30k Lets See What It Would Mean If It Gets There

By Loomy | Crypto Latest News | 2 Jan 2021

If Bitcoin were to get to 30,000 there would be many changes in the crypto world

  • Firstly, there would be another wave of media exposure which will open up new possibilities with new investors and investments



  • After, you will see an increase in bullish behavior because the possibilities of bitcoin increasing in price have been shown.  This can be seen from bitcoin holding over 20,000 for over 2 weeks. With this new bullish ideology, many altcoins will also follow bitcoins lead when talking about price. The main ones that are connected to bitcoins price are Ethereum, Litecoin, Aave, and Cardano


  • Finally, we *may* see a spike in bitcoin price because of this new bullish behavior just like what was seen when bitcoin hit 20,000. When bitcoin reached 20,000 it spiked up to 23,400 in the days following as a result of new investments and when bitcoin hit 25,000 it increased by 2,500 on the following day

See Bitcoins Live Price Below:

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Crypto Latest News

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