3 Altcoins That Have Cool Uses

By Loomy | Crypto Latest News | 2 Jan 2021

My pick for the top 3 altcoins that are actually useful

  • #1: Basic Attention Token (BAT) : BAT is an ethereum token that can be received from viewing ads on the brave browser. This browser is based on Chrome but gets rid of ads by default and will send you ads periodically (If you want them). Looking at these ads will give you small amounts of BAT. Brave can be a good alternative to DuckDuckGo and ad-blocking extensions.



  • #2: Compound (COMP) : Compound is used as a way to make money without even touching it. Compound allows you to receive interest on unused tokens by letting other users "borrow" your tokens. This is all handled by compound and is very simple to do. My recommendation would be to use Binance which will let you earn interest on compound tokens that you have. Beware that you will not be able to use the tokens that are earning interest until the time limit that you have set expires.



  • #3: Stellar Lumen (XLM) : Stellar has a few cool uses that its users should know about. Stellar has very few fees and can be good to transfer money when banks have no connection together. This can happen when trying to send money to people in different countries. Stellar can be a good way to send money fast and cheaply to people who are not in the same country as you. Stellar transactions are very fast and take less than five seconds.


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