The first cryptocurrencies for free - how?

The first cryptocurrencies for free - how?

By nervi | Crypto Journalism | 6 Aug 2019

We live in times when cryptocurrencies appear almost everywhere. In online stores, TV and even Starbucks! The minimum knowledge about what cryptocurrencies are and how they work is useful. A nice plus will also be the ability to have your own tokens. However, what if we do not want to spend money on our first cryptocurrencies? There is a way! You can get your first tokens completely free!

There are several ways to do this. We can get them in a more or less demanding way. In this article there will be no reflinks :)


1. Collecting tokens from faucets.

Faucets are the fastest way to collect the most popular cryptocurrencies. To collect your first tokens, we need a proper wallet. Once we have our own address, we can go to search for special pages, so-called faucets. The most important aspect when looking for such websites is security. Many websites use ads that may cause our computer to be infected. It is worth using the most popular websites in such situations. - this is a website where we collect cryptocurrencies from given faucets. Thanks to such a solution, we only need one account and on the faucets only enter the e-mail from the CoinPot website. It brings together such websites as MoonBitcoin, MoonDogecoin, MoonLitecoin, MoonBitcoinCash, MoonDash, Bonus Bitcoin and BitFun. Other important sites are and They operate on a very similar principle.


The advantage of such a method is its simplicity. Just click a few times a day and collect tokens to the withdrawal threshold. However, the disadvantage is the amount of cryptocurrencies we acquire. Very often they are a penny amount. After all, if we want to get our first tokens, this is the most interesting way.

2. Hunting for airdrops.

Airdrops are relatively soon in the world of cryptocurrencies. Most often, we collect tokens in them that are very short on the stock market or have not yet been traded. To be on top with airdrops, we will have to observe relevant pages informing about new tokens that are just waiting for us. In order to receive a given token you should (most often) perform the appropriate tasks. Very often they are joining groups like Telegram or Discord, sharing posts on Twitter or likeing statuses on Facebook. Below are listed pages showing current airdrops updated on a regular basis.

Very important! Most often, in order to receive a given token, we need the Ethereum address that supports ERC-20 contracts. Without it, we do not have a guarantee of receiving a given cryptocurrency. An example of a wallet that will allow us to receive tokens is MetaMask.

Another way to hunt for airdrops is a page with a built-in task system. Thanks to this, on one page we can see all the tokens acquired and with a few clicks we send a cryptocurrency from the page directly to our wallet. Bountyhub is such a website. We register on it and on the main page we see current tokens that can be collected for just performing simple tasks.


3. Work for cryptocurrencies

The most common method of acquiring cryptocurrencies is the simplest job. It can be anything. Performing tasks for someone, writing articles (as here on Publish0x). Earning opportunities here are virtually limitless, because it depends on us at what job we get the pay. Examples of such services are and


In summary, the collection of tokens by faucets is the simplest method but not too effective. Earnings are often very small, but the contribution to them is minimal.

Hunting for airdrops is just as simple as faucets but sometimes risky. We will not be sure what price the token we receive will have. It can cost a dollar per piece or satoshi per piece.

Work for cryptocurrencies is certainly the most cost-effective way. For our contribution we receive a payment proportional to the work. The harder the job, the better the pay. And conversely.



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