Crypto 2017 bubble

What happened to the top 100 cryptocurrencies from the 2017 bubble?

Do you remember the crypto bubble of 2017?

How long have you been interested in cryptocurrencies? If it's been at least 4 years then you definitely remember the bubble of 2017. Bitcoin's price skyrocketed from $998 on January 1 to $19423 on December 16. This is what the coinmarketcap website looked like at the time.


coinmarketcap wayback machine

What happened to the 100 cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization? How many of them survived?

If you bought one of the top 100 crypto with the highest marketcap at the top of the bubble in 2017 then you have 30% with the coin not lost.

The data for this article, including coin prices, were collected as of November 17, so the percentages may vary especially after the recent market volatility.

From my calculations, the price of only 28 of the 100 tokens has not dropped.

Here are the top coins:


Have any of you held BNB since then? If so, congratulations. The price of the token has increased in 4 years from $4.13 to $578.

However, not everything looks so beautiful. On the other side are:982525172ad0ff75c719d55d2e4ff1a6f2c63482dbe769fc542ef260d05300c8.jpg

Maybe someone has bought any of these coins? If so, I sympathize.

Of the 100 tokens with the highest market capitalization on December 16, 2017:

- 28 are worth more

- 2 are at the same price

- 63 are worth less

- 7 are not listed on any exchange

I know that Bitconnect has collapsed and their tokens are worthless. They were supposed to change the world but Carlos Mantos' prophecy didn't come true. TROLOLOLOLO


How about a top 20?


6 with profit

14 with losses

How about a top 10?


4 with profit

6 with losses

Interesting statistics.

If you bought each of those 100 tokens for $1 ($100 total) you would have $304 4 years later. Profit +204%.

If you bought each of the top 20 tokens for $1 ($20 total) you would now have $8.35. Loss 58%.

If you bought each of the top 10 tokens for $1 ($10 total) you would now have $12.38. Profit 24%.

As we can see crypto is quite a lottery. Only 15 tokens have a gain greater than 100% in 4 years and as many as 53 tokens have a loss greater than 80%.

These calculations are not quite correct because by holding many of these tokens you could receive rewards from staking them or extra tokens from airdrops. For example, STEEM had a hard fork and HIVE was created. If you hold STEEM you would make a loss of 70% but together with the HIVE tokens you would make a profit.

How many tokens will survive the next 4 years?


This is what the coinmarketcap website looks like today. It seems to us that Bitcoin and Ethereum will always be ahead of the others but history shows that this is not at all certain. Many big projects from 2017 have been overtaken by new cryptocurrencies and chains. Who can predict which tokens will survive is a blockchain specialist or a fortune teller.

Which cryptocurrencies do you think will be in the top 10 in 4 years?

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