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Token BSC Promises to Be the Game Stream Revolution

By rischia_bit | Crypto Investe | 19 Jun 2021

The World Stream Finance (WSF) project, launched on May 31st, has already valued more than 2,000% to its peak.

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The $tream token, released by two public and community-known developers, is intended to be the currency used by the market for streaming games, e-sports championships and game items, as stated on the project's own website.

Website World Stream FinanceThe token runs on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and can be traded on PancakeSwap.

The two project developers announced that they have already asked for listing on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. They are also trading listings in the best known brokers. Also,

they are working to build a place to gather stream players. The place would be called Arena Stream. The Arena would be, as the creators say, a center to gather game sportsmen.

The Portuguese-language group on the WSF telegram already has nearly 5,000 members. The developers released some news, including a new version of the site; the development of a streaming game betting platform; and the development of a platform for trading in game items.

The game market is huge, having games many known as Counter Strike, Dota and GTA. The project creators plan to have great partnerships with the game developers.

The project also has the group in English on the telegram (click here to go to the group), and in other languages.

They also disclosed that they are planning to have their own swap platform.

The project started a few days ago, but it has greatly raised the joy of investors and supporters of the WSF ideal.

Currently the $tream token is traded only on Pancakeswap.Finance.


Excellent growth potential?

The developers also say they are working as hard as they can to make the token a project worth hundreds of millions of dollars in market capitalization and the new revelation of gaming cryptocurrencies.

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