How to get into the crypto industry?

How to get into the crypto industry?

By velenara1202 | Crypto inside | 25 Nov 2019

The beginning of my “career” (sometimes it’s like falling into a hole) in crypto began with a bell. I placed vacancies for the position of content manager, although I thought maybe I’m lucky to find work in the city. But no, the soul of a freelancer cannot be deceived, and by some miracle one man called me and invited me to work.

What is the first thing I know when I come to the office? That this is probably the first company who in our city decided to engage in the blockchain and crypto industry. Ok Google! I just heard about bitcoin but I had no idea what it was.

But the coolest thing about the job is that you feel like you are the discoverers. Yes, my parents or friends do not understand what can be done with cryptocurrencies. I also do not have any crypto savings yet. But I participate in the life of the project and make sure that there is good content for its audience. Isn't it cool?

But when you work for crypto projects, you begin to see how the shortcomings of their planning system (most of the projects are then closed for this reason) and the opportunities around you.

Damn it! There are not enough specialists for the crypto industry! All you need is the ability to express your thoughts in English and be open to new things.

I tried the bounty, started my blog to try out the typing system. I plan to buy the first coins, and find a way how it is easiest to buy Ethereum in my country. Haha, yes, it’s not easy when you don’t live in Europe or America.

But you know what? Opportunities are everywhere. How to enter the crypto industry?

  • you write well - then participate in the bounty or create a blog, use the crypto donate system
  • you have good English - then you can join the project and help with its promotion, do marketing
  • you can try mining, if you have savings and a powerful computer
  • you can help to search for errors and perform tasks on the crowdholding platform
  • you can develop your service for project analysis, create recommendations for improving a startup so that it can successfully conduct crowdfunding
  • if you are a developer, then you have unlimited possibilities

You probably all know all this, but I'm writing about my experience as a novice who came to crypto not because of sex (as they often say about business), but because my school literature teacher constantly forced us to write a lot of texts, and now content creation it is an integral part of me.

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