Chainlink's Absolutely Massive Run (Update)

By KhangsingC | Crypto Information | 15 Aug 2020

So my original article about Chainlink was posted in july 16th and since then it has doubled in price in only one month! If you think that now is a good time to sell and realize your profits I would urge you to reconsider as I fully believe this project is going to be one of the pumping hearts of the cryptocurrency space and most definitely DeFi. I myself am going to keep accumulating Chainlink until 30 dollars. Even then some would argue its still a good price for Chainlink. If you don't know anything about the project its purpose is to connect real word data to blockchains which I believe will be invaluable if the whole crypto market decides to take off. I think that Chainlink will mimic Ethereum's absolutely massive run up from 10 USD all the way to its ATH at 1,344 USD, always remain vigilant have patience and be careful this is the most volatile space and at the same time everything can drop just like that. Don't get into anything without having an exit plan ready. Best of luck to you all and stay safe with your money. As well you have to take into account that while crypto was in a bear market Chainlink said F that and started its own bullmarket making its incredible run from .50 to 4.50 before taking off again and this time hitting 18.43. We are in price discovery which can be an amazing thing but can also burn some people if not treated with care and caution 

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Crypto Information
Crypto Information

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