BitYard, Complex contract Simple trade - You need to check out this trading platform!!

BitYard, Complex contract Simple trade - You need to check out this trading platform!!

By Kelii | Crypto in Paradise | 7 Dec 2020

Welcome to this review for BitYard. In this post we will be discussing BitYard what it is, why its special and unique, my experience using the product and finally my final review upon the platform. This is a new platform for me but from what I have learned and the little that I have been able to try myself leaves me excited to share this new discovery with you! Ok so lets start by explaining a few of the basics: 

What is BitYard?

  • BitYard is a cryptocurrency contract exchange platform that comes with some fabulous features. (Trading platform for margin/leverage trading)
  • They have a phone app (iPhone confirmed) and a accessible website.
  • Their HQ are located out in Singapore.

So BitYard is a cryptocurrency trading platform for margin/leverage trading. Margin trading is referring to the 'amount' of money borrowed or allowed for a trade. Leverage is the investment strategy of using the borrowed money to make an investment.

Well what is BitYard about? Complex contract simple trade. They strive to bring a platform that is friendly to the users. One that is safe, but easy to use including some awesome features in which beginner and seasoned traders can benefit from.

Below I have a screenshot of my account on the website. The phone app looks similar but in a simplified mobile version. First of all we can see how beautiful this interface is, user friendly with a nice layout. On the right side of the picture you can see the margin trading options, Leverage is controlled by a drag bar to determine the multiplier for the amount of money borrowed and then below that we have the margin input bar, where you will enter the margin or the amount of money that is desired to be traded. 


A few things that make this platform unique is first of all the 'Demo' trading option. This is an amazing option to practice trades in our current crypto markets without risking a loss. Practice makes perfect, and the way to access this option is really easy. At the top right corner you will see a tab that has 'Demo' turned on or highlighted, this tab switches between the options of 'Live trading' or 'Demo Trading'! Its literally that simple.

Another option that I think is awesome is the "Copy trade" option. This option is easily accessible in the phone app. This option allows beginner traders to 'Copy' the trade of verified BitYard traders.

A trader can become verified by reaching certain requirements and being approved after submitting a request. A verified trader will have their stats displayed for other members to view, also allowing other members to follow them and possibly copy their trades. Verified traders do receive benefits through followers, likewise followers do well to benefit by following successful traders.

Here are some of advantages provided by using BitYard:

  • Trades can be opened for as low as 5 USDT!!
  • Competitive fees, with a new adjusted trading fee of 0.05%
  • High leverages, margin trade anywhere from 5x - 100x.
  • Fair and transparent prices, pulling an average from 3 major crypto exchanges for fair accurate prices.

*Something to keep in mind is that they do not accept USD payments. But they do receive payments in a lot of the major cryptocurrencies including the stable coin Tether (USDT)

My experience on this platform so far..

I have been around crypto for about 3 months, I have zero experience in trading prior to my recent discovery of crypto, and I have been exposed to BitYard after hearing about this writing event. So my experience with the platform is very minimal, but being optimistic and fascinated with crypto I went ahead and downloaded the platform on both my phone and I also have bookmarked the website.

Margin trading was a topic of my research a few weeks back, but this type of trading was hard to find information about. But with this platform I have been having an awesome experience performing Demo trades. Now i am confident that with my research upon this trading strategy, my research on successful BitYard traders along with my hands on Demo practices, these will definitely sharpen my skills needed to become a successful crypto trader!

Final words

BitYard is great and should be looked into, one of the reasons being, that the services they provide make them stand out amongst other trading platforms. Crypto and Margin trading are not part of a 'get rich quick' schemes like some people may view it. It is possible to become consistently successful if efforts to understand the subjects are performed and applied. And the probability of failure through faith in luck or no actions is presumably high as well. Signing up is free and simple to access with no KYC requirement. They have features that I have not seen anywhere else. If you are into crypto and trading this is definitely a platform worth looking into! If signing up please use my affiliate link here!!

I will continue to update info upon this platform once I begin frequently using it and becoming more familiar with this product. 

Keep in mind this is only my opinion upon the information I have found, and everyone is recommended to perform their own research before investing in anything for themselves.

Thank you for reading and like always.. stay beautiful you crypto OG's!!!

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