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If you had UNI tokens sitting in your wallet you may have received an airdrop worth hundreds of dollars!

By On_my_mind | Crypto_in_mind | 10 Dec 2020

Have you heard of the Mirror protocol?

It's a new DeFi protocol that enables users to mint mirrored assets collateralized using Terra's stablecoin UST or other mAssets as a collateral. The interesting part is that they created a new token called MIR and it was airdropped to holders of UNI or LUNA. 


If on November 23 you held at least 100 UNI tokens in your metamask wallet then you are eligible for the airdrop. This is a one time airdrop for holders of UNI tokens but it is quite generous, if you are eligible you received 220 MIR tokens (Value is oscillating between 1 and 2$ each). To check if you received the airdrop you can go here: connect your metamask wallet and if you are eligible you should see an option to claim your tokens. The tokens do not expire so you can claim them any time. 

The project has also a Telegram group: where you can ask questions and get support. The most asked question was about eligibility. Unfortunately if you held your UNI tokens in an exchange you are not eligible for the airdrop. You are only eligible if you had your UNI tokens in your metamask wallet on November 23. 

For holders of LUNA tokens the initial airdrop was substantially smaller (probably around 9 MIR) but from now on they will receive their free tokens weekly, as long as they keep staking their LUNA. In this case the website where to claim the airdrop is: 

In my opinion this is an interesting project with huge potential, you can read more about it on the medium page of the project founders:

There is a lot to say about LUNA, about Terra's stablecoins and of course about the Mirror protocol but I may do a dedicated post for that. This post was just to let users know that they may have a generous airdrop waiting for them. 

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