"Man's Money 2020"

By SatoshiConomy | Crypto In A Minute | 12 Jul 2020

As the traditional financial system is exposed for lack of transparency in this Internet Age, mankind and the masses are continually developing an alternate, independent, open source, free market economy.


Some call this a turning point, some call it "The Fourth Turning," some call it inevitable.  i call it The Greatest Financial Innovation In The History Of Mankind.

With well over 100 million participants in this emerging global, Crypto Economy, this represents 1% - 2% of the populace now. But watch out Big Boy Banks -Billionaires in this New Economy can make billion dollar transactions to anyone, anywhere, at any time -for 48 cents instead of millions, (true story) and perfect the transaction in seconds instead of days.

While Wall Street continues to conjure up ways to extract fees, you can empower the use of emerging Fintech with no/low fees, an inflation-resistant design, and the dynamic of a truly "asset-based-economy."  Imagine that...no debt.

You heard right...say good-bye to exorbitant fees, currency inflation, and the notion of debt having "value."

Say hello to the power of compounding interest for the masses, The Rule Of 72, exponential economic growth, financial inclusion, triple-ledger-accounting (real transparency & open-sourced internet-based accountability), and transactions at the speed of light.  (Can anyone say, "Time is money?")

i know, i know, i know.  Of course, this is an economy for money-launderers, drug-smugglers, and traffickers...just like your banker and your buddy said.  And of course there's none of that going on in their bank or in their country...anywhere.  See this report:  Dollars beat Bitcoin 800:1

Never before in the history of mankind has there been the separation of money and might.  Money by the masses, for the masses...even you!

When you become awoke -this happens when you actually see that electric money -The Internet Of Money -does have value because people choose to use it to communicate value transactions between themselves.  Crypto trades for books, food, rent, cell-phone-minutes, transportation, even paper currencies.  Millions trade Cryptos today all over the world.

And even if faced with the choice to obey a rule or law or feed their kids...they will feed their kids.

By now, the vast, vast majority of the Fortune 500 companies have integrated blockchain technologies within their companies to minimize costs, bolster bottom lines, and survive another quarter -if they havn't gone bankrupt already.

Man's Money is here in 2020.


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