Principle 2: Union [-47 days to start Synchronism]

By rodese | Crypto ideas | 6 Jan 2022

[-47 days to start Synchronism] [8-432 Hz] #rigeneproject #PlanetaryOctet
[Countdown period - Cognitive phase for preparation for the synchronism phase] - -

The "synchronism phase" is an initiative launched within the social project "Rigene Project" (, through
the petition sent to the European Parliament n ° 1112/2021 entitled: "The survival of the European Union depends on the World Union", with the aim of activating the process of
synchronization of the digital society, consisting of actions aimed at accelerating the digital-ecological-quantum-biological transition process
initiated by all the Governments of the world, through the synchronic union and collaboration of all the people of the world, to safeguard the well-being of all people and of the Planet Earth through
the realization of the "planetary octet path" as a solution to the current systemic health, economic, social, environmental and climatic crises emerging all over the world.
(Petition Document:

(Find out more about all the aspects of the "cognitive phase" preparatory to the "synchronism phase" on:

Principle 2: Union

Just as the union of atoms (nuclear fusion) generates immense "atomic energy"
to enable the infrastructural development of the Digital Society,
the union of humans also generates immense "cognitive energy" to enable creative development
of the Digital Society aimed at accelerating the digital-ecological-quantum-biological transition process
launched by governments around the world to solve the problems caused by the 5 planetary systemic crises (1. climate crisis, 2. environmental crisis, 3. economic crisis, 4. social crisis, 5. health crisis)
and to the improvement of the life of all the people of the world and of the planetary natural environment.


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